The Most Difficult Thing is the Decision to Act The Rest Is Merely Tenacity

Think back to all those times you hesitated. Maybe it was asking for that raise, making the first move in a relationship, or finally starting that creative project gathering dust in the corner of your mind. It’s that scary, thrilling moment before the leap – that’s what Amelia Earhart, the trailblazing aviator, was talking about when she said, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

This isn’t just about crossing oceans or breaking records. This quote hits close to home. Every day we make dozens of little choices, most of which we don’t even register. Yet, in these overlooked moments lies a surprising power.

Why This Quote Packs a Punch

There’s wisdom here for everyone because it speaks to those nagging fears that hold us back– fear of failure, of the unknown, of what others might think. Earhart knew these fears intimately; every groundbreaking flight was a choice to face them head-on.

The second part, about tenacity, isn’t about gritting your teeth. It’s about what happens after you finally take that initial step. That’s where the true growth, the real adventure, begins.

When to Let This Quote Guide You

This quote is your personal pep talk when:

  • You’re a chronic procrastinator: Start small! Pick that one task you’ve been avoiding and just get started. Action breaks the spell of inaction.
  • You’re facing a life change: Deciding to go back to school, quit a job, or move to a new city is hard. But wallowing in indecision is harder.
  • You’re losing steam: Break big goals into smaller steps. Focusing on the next ‘tenacious step’ makes the finish line feel less daunting.

When This Quote Needs a Reality Check

As with most inspirational sayings, context matters. Here’s when it’s not so helpful:

  • In the face of injustice: Earhart meant personal action, not excusing inaction by those in power. Systemic oppression requires systemic change.
  • During a genuine crisis: Sometimes, immediate action is reckless. If the house is burning, don’t ‘tenaciously’ pack a suitcase, get out!
  • When you lack support: Imagine Earhart flying solo across the Atlantic without a skilled crew, proper equipment, and years of training – it’s a recipe for disaster.

Amelia’s Story: More Than a Quote

Amelia Earhart wasn’t just spouting slogans. She lived this principle, constantly pushing boundaries. While we may not all take to the skies, her daring reminds us of what’s possible when we decide to move, even just a little, toward our dreams.

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