What is English PlusPodcast?

In English Plus, my main focus is not only learning English, but I also try to make English Plus a small beacon of knowlege where you get to learn about a wide range of topics from history business and literature, to science, education, movies, myths and legends, and much more. 

All our episodes are free to listen to, but some of the extra features are premium and exclusive for English Plus patrons on Patreon. 

I have also laucnched English Plus Magazine, which is an example of the extra features you get when you become a patron of English Plus.

Please consider becoming a patron of English Plus to help me create more and never stop and I have a lot of interesting ideas that will benefit a lot of people but I need your support.


How can you unlock premium content

You can unlock all premium content if when you become a patron of English Plus on Patreon. By doing this, you will get a lot of extra materials, such as English Plus Magazine, but more importantly you will be supporting me to go on and never stop producing the content you love which a lot of people benefit from.

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