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What is English Plus Podcast?

English Plus is a podcast dedicated to lifelong learning, and it’s not only about learning English; that’s why it’s English Plus.

With English Plus Podcast, you will learn take your English to the next level while learning about many interesting topics from history, science, psychology and much more. The whole point of course is to learn English in context, so don’t expect to find English lessons in a vacuum here. 

Do I have to be a paying member?

Not at all, we post a lot of useful content completely for free. Check out our blog and see for yourself.

Do you have premium content?

Absolutely, or else, how could we continue doing what we’re doing laughing We have premium episodes in our podcast feed among the free episodes. We have premium post content to further practice what you learn in our podcast episodes. And last but not least, we have series, audio and video courses on our website and we also publish some on Udemy. 

How can I access your premium content, and ... how much?

Well, currently, there are two ways. If you only want access to our premium episodes, you can subscribe to English Plus Premium for only $3/month. If you would like to get the whole package and access everything here on the website including the premium episodes, you can become a patron on Patreon for only $5/month.

What if I still have questions for you?

You can send us an email any time you want using the contact form below, and we will answer all your questions as fast as possible. Actually, we would love to hear from you.

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