Charity Begins at Home: Understanding the Proverb

Explore the proverb “Charity begins at home.” Learn its meaning, appropriate uses, and when it might be misapplied.

The Mona Lisa’s Secret Mailbox: A Love Story at the Louvre

Did you know the Mona Lisa has her own mailbox at the Louvre? Discover why she receives countless love letters and the history behind this unusual tradition.

“The Best Preparation for Tomorrow”: H. Jackson Brown Jr.’s Guide to Success

Discover H. Jackson Brown Jr.’s wisdom: “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” Learn how to apply this quote for success and when it needs a nuanced approach.

Time Travel Paradoxes: Should We Change the Past?

Would you travel back in time and change history? Explore the ethical dilemmas, potential paradoxes, and the enduring question of whether the past should be left untouched.

Biotechnology Quiz: Test Your Genetic Engineering Knowledge

Explore the world of genetic engineering and biotechnology with this challenging quiz. Test your understanding of key concepts and applications.

Inclusive Education: Real-World Lessons from Successes and Struggles

Explore the realities of inclusive education. See how schools navigate challenges and find strategies that work for diverse learners.

Power Struggles and Hidden Messages: Exploring Power Dynamics in Classic Novels

Uncover the power struggles and social commentary hidden within classic novels. See your favorite stories in a new light!

Exploring Profundity: When and How to Use This Powerful Word

Understand the meaning of “profundity” and how to use it effectively. Learn when to use this word to describe depth, wisdom, and insight.

Is “Blood Thicker Than Water”? Understanding a Complex Proverb

Is family always first? Explore the meaning of “blood is thicker than water,” when its use is appropriate, and when it might be challenged.

Why Doesn’t Helium Freeze? Chemistry’s Coolest Mystery

Helium is the ultimate rebel of the periodic table! Discover why this element won’t freeze, even at the coldest temperatures in the universe.

Vocabulary Voyages by Danny Ballan

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Latest Podcast Episodes

The Digest 6: Mighty Ulysses, The Lush Sahara Desert and More

The Digest 6: Mighty Ulysses, The Lush Sahara Desert and More

Join English Plus Podcast for an engaging episode featuring a variety of topics. From uncovering health myths to exploring language nuances and unveiling secrets of the Sahara Desert’s green past, this episode is packed with wisdom and insights. Dive into the world of superheroes and imagine your own superpower. Stay tuned for literary echoes and the philosophical question: ‘If you were a superhero, what would your power be?’ Tune in for a thought-provoking and enriching experience with English Plus Podcast.

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The Digest 5: Words of Wisdom, Word Power and More

The Digest 5: Words of Wisdom, Word Power and More

Have you ever felt captivated by the allure of wisdom, intrigued by the power of words, or awed by the wonders of the universe? In the latest episode of English Plus Digest, titled “The Digest 5: Words of Wisdom, Word Power and More,” host Danny takes listeners on a thought-provoking journey through various segments that delve into the depths of knowledge and contemplation.

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The Digest 4: From Proverbs to the Cosmos – A Journey of Insight

The Digest 4: From Proverbs to the Cosmos – A Journey of Insight

Dive into “The Daily Digest” on English Plus Podcast, where we explore the wisdom of proverbs, Franklin Roosevelt’s insights, intriguing word origins, surprising facts about honeybees, subconscious decision-making, educational nuances, and a unique poem by Phoenix. Join us for a journey of discovery, language, and what it means to feel truly alive. No prior knowledge required—just curiosity.

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The Story of Social Justice: Past, Present and Future

The Story of Social Justice: Past, Present and Future

Explore the dynamic story of social justice through an in-depth analysis covering historical milestones, current challenges, and future directions. From intersectionality and globalization’s impact to the role of technology and policy reforms, this article provides comprehensive insights into the evolving trends and enduring struggles in the quest for equity and justice across the globe. Perfect for activists, scholars, and anyone committed to understanding and advancing social justice today. 

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