Animation Careers: Discover What It Takes to Bring Art to Life

Is animation your passion? Dive into the life of an animator, exploring their daily tasks, skills needed, and how to build a career in this vibrant field.

Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse

Uncover the meaning of the curious expression “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” Learn about its origins and how to use this idiom to avoid missteps.

Understanding the Word “Dilatory”: When Slow Means Trouble

Learn the meaning of the word “dilatory” and discover when its use signifies positive or negative outcomes. Examples and tips included!

Venus: Where Days Outlast Years – An Astronomical Oddity

Find out why a day on Venus takes longer than an entire Venusian year. Discover the secrets behind this unusual planetary spin.

Test Your World Food Knowledge: Culinary Culture Quiz

Think you know your global cuisine? Put your knowledge to the test with this fun food trivia quiz exploring flavors from around the world.

Why the Best Things in Life Are Free

Is the adage “The best things in life are free” always true? Let’s explore this proverb with examples and discover when it works — and when it doesn’t.

Frank Sinatra on Revenge: How Success Silences Critics

Was Frank Sinatra right? We explore the pros and cons of the “massive success” approach to revenge, with real-life examples.

The Astonishing Power of Your Brain: 86 Billion Neurons Explained

Discover the incredible network of neurons and synapses within your brain, and explore the fascinating ways they shape your thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Empowering Students with Learning Disabilities: Why It Matters and How to Help

Explore the challenges of learning disabilities in the classroom, and discover effective strategies for educators and parents to support student success.

Clichés: The Curse of Creative Writing (And How to Exorcise Them)

Tired of your writing feeling stale? Learn to spot and banish overused clichés. Elevate your storytelling with fresh and unique language.

Vocabulary Voyages by Danny Ballan

English Plus Podcast

Take your English to the next level with English Plus Podcast. Explore fascinating topics from science, business, history, myths, literature, and beyond. Join our journey of learning and discovery, where we improve our language and broaden our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Word Power | The Serene Symphony of Tranquility

Word Power | The Serene Symphony of Tranquility

In this soothing episode of “Word Power,” join Danny as we embark on a peaceful journey into the heart of tranquility. Beyond its quiet exterior, tranquility is a profound state of calmness and peace that resonates deeply within the soul, offering a sanctuary from the chaos of the everyday world.

Word Power | The Elegant Tapestry of Eloquence

Word Power | The Elegant Tapestry of Eloquence

In today’s mesmerizing episode of “Word Power,” host Danny delves into the rich and intricate world of “eloquence.” This episode unravels the beauty and power of eloquence, a word that signifies much more than mere fluency or persuasiveness in language. It’s about the art of expressing thoughts and emotions in a way that is both impactful and graceful.

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Word Power | The Labyrinth of Limerence

Word Power | The Labyrinth of Limerence

Dive into the enigmatic world of “limerence” in this episode of “Word Power” with your host, Danny. Limerence – a term that captures the intense emotional experience of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, where every thought, every dream, and every waking moment seems to orbit around someone you feel a profound romantic attachment to.

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Mastering Business Phone Calls: Essential English Communication Skills

Mastering Business Phone Calls: Essential English Communication Skills

Tune into our latest episode of “Business English Essentials,” titled “Mastering Business Phone Calls: Essential English Communication Skills,” where we delve deep into the nuances of conducting effective business calls in English. Whether you’re a non-native speaker looking to polish your professional communication or someone aiming to refine their phone etiquette, this episode is your go-to resource.

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