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Penguins | Short Reads

Penguins | Short Reads

Would you put on your bathing suit and jump into icy water? Would you slide down a snowy hill on your bare stomach? Imagine how cold that would feel! You would freeze. Penguins, however, do this all the time. Penguins swim in cold water. They slide on their bellies over ice and snow.

Bicycles | Short Reads

Bicycles | Short Reads

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get around. Bicycles are quiet, fun to ride, and you don’t need gas or electricity to make them go. You just use the power of your legs!
Bicycles have two wheels. One wheel is in front of the other. You swing your leg over the bike, sit down, and start pedaling.

Mississippi River | Short Reads

Mississippi River | Short Reads

The Mississippi River is the most important river in North America. It provided a major highway for early explorers of North America. Many cities grew up along it. Furs and farm goods traveled from these settlements down the river to markets. Today, more freight travels on the Mississippi than on any other waterway within the continent.

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English Plus Presents

Who said video games are only meant to be played? While this is completely true, in English Plus, we have turned some of the best games with the best stories into video series, and because we are English Plus, we have included tips and a little information in every episode that will improve your English, and for every episode, there will be a post on the website with quizzes to check your understanding, comprehension, and more is coming to this new and exciting English Plus Project.

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The Last of Us Trailer

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