Fallout 4 Episode 04 | The Memories of an Assassin

Now that Kellogg is dead, the only way to learn anything is hack into his memories. In Fallout 4 Episode 4, The Memories of an Assassin, we will get a step closer to Shaun, but not without having to go to the most dangerous places in the Commonwealth to get help and do some crazy things, all to learn a way to find a way into The Institute where Shaun is being held.

Word Power | Paul Bunyan and the Tall Tale

Build your vocabulary and learn stimulate, proliferation, enhance, contrived, abound, recount, disparity, impair, impassive, and addendum in this Word Power and in the context of our topic, Paul Bunyan and the Tall Tale.

The Odyssey Episode 03 | A Dark Secret

In The Odyssey Episode 3, Alexios is searching for his mother but he will find a dark secret after he consult the oracle of Delphi. Amazing events are waiting for you in this new episode from the Odyssey series. Learn from games and enjoy a fabulous story from English Plus Podcast.

Business Course | Chapter 3: Company Structure

Learn about company structure in this new chapter from the Business Course from English Plus Podcast. You will learn about wikinomics, different ways of organizing work, we will discuss potential conflicts between different department in a company and we will compare the differences between large and small companies.

Grammar Course | Chapter 2: Perfect and Perfect Progressive Tenses 1

Learn about the present perfect in this episode from Grammar Course Chapter 2 Perfect and Perfect Progressive Tenses from English Plus Podcast. You will also learn some tips and tricks about irregular verbs and there is a lot of practice on the website.

History Plus | Ancient Greece Tours 1 | The Acropolis

Join me in this historic tour of Ancient Greece using Assassin’s Creed The Odyssey to create a magnificent view of the Acropolis back in its glorious days. Learn about the history of ancient Greece both in audio and video and check your understanding at the end of the episode.

Myths and Legends | Greek Mythology Episode 2: The Rise of Zeus

Learn about the rise of Zeus to power in this episode on Greek mythology. We will learn about what happened to Zeus and his siblings, and how he was able to overthrow his father Cronus. There is also a short story focusing on this special event.

Fallout 4 Episode 3 | The Man Who Ruined My Life

In this episode from our Fallout 4 series, I will go to Diamond City to seek information about Shaun. I get the help of Nick Valentine and then learn about the man who ruined my life, Kellogg. Only one will survive.

Word Power | Autopsy

Build your vocabulary. Learn desecrate, dissect, abhorrent, repugnant, lethal and five more words in this Word Power episode from English Plus Podcast.

The Odyssey Episode 2 | Overdue Reunion

Last time Alexios learned that his father is in Megaris and he was given a contract to kill him, what will happen in today’s father-son reunion. Listen, watch and learn with Assassin’s Creed The Odyssey episode 2: Overdue Reunion from English Plus Podcast and DanRPG.

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Build Your Vocabulary with Word Power from English Plus

Episode 609 Word Power Autopsy
Oct 18, 2021

Word Power | Autopsy

Build your vocabulary. Learn desecrate, dissect, abhorrent, repugnant, lethal and five more words in this Word Power...
Episode 604 Word Power Giving Gifts
Oct 11, 2021

Word Power | Giving Gifts

Learn pitfall, universal, etiquette, antagonize, breach and five more words in a new Word Power episode from English...
Episode 591 Word Power Tornadoes
Sep 27, 2021

Word Power | Tornadoes

Learn 10 new words in the context of our story about tornadoes. Learn accolade, garner, rash, fury, perilous,...

Learn Something New Every Day with Do You Know Episodes

Episode 600 Do You Know Dante Alighieri
Oct 06, 2021

Do You Know Dante Alighieri?

What do you know about Dante Alighieri? Learn more about one of the most influential writers of all time. We are...
Episode 583 Do You Know The Wright Brothers
Sep 15, 2021

Do You Know | The Wright Brothers

What do you know about the Wright Brothers? If you would like to learn more about them and learn English along the...
Episode 562 Do You Know - Bones and Skeleton
Aug 04, 2021

Do You Know | Bones and Skeleton

What do you know about the bones and skeleton? What do bones do? What are bones made of? What are joints? How do bones...
Episode 556 Do You Know - Giraffes
Aug 03, 2021

Do You Know | Giraffes

What do you know about giraffes? Do you want to know how and where they live and if they are endangered? Join me in...

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