Public-Private Partnerships in Education: Promises and Pitfalls

Can public schools and private companies work together for better education? Discover the potential benefits, the risks, and what it means for students.

Test Your Knowledge of the American Revolution Quiz

Explore key events and figures of the American Revolution. Can you identify the battles, the leaders, and the reasons behind this pivotal moment in history?

Intersectionality: Why Everyone Needs This Tool for Social Justice

What is intersectionality, and why does it matter for building a fairer world? Learn how your unique experiences shape your view of social issues.

Conquer “Between” Confusion: Common English Mistakes and Fixes

Struggling with “between” in English? Learn the most frequent errors people make with “between”, why they’re wrong, and how to use it like a pro.

The Power and Limits of “Ask and You Shall Receive”

Explore the wisdom of “Ask and you shall receive.” Learn when to apply this proverb for success, and when a different approach might be better.

The Power of “Extol”: Meaning, Usage, and When to Choose a Different Word

Learn the meaning of the word “extol” and discover when to use it for powerful praise – and when it might be overkill. Get examples and alternatives!

The Anchoring Effect: How First Impressions Shape Your Decisions

Discover how the anchoring effect subtly influences your choices. Learn how this psychological bias works and ways to make more informed decisions.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover: Meaning and Importance

Understand the deeper meaning behind the idiom “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Learn when it’s wise advice and when a different approach may be needed.

“I Hope So” and More: Unpacking the Many Uses of “Hope”

Explore the different ways we use the word “hope” in everyday English. From expressing desires to uncertain expectations, get examples and explanations!

Indira Gandhi’s Wisdom: “You Cannot Shake Hands with a Clenched Fist”

Unpack the meaning behind Indira Gandhi’s famous quote about cooperation and openness. Learn when to use this powerful metaphor for better communication and conflict resolution.

Vocabulary Voyages by Danny Ballan

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The Daily Digest 4: From Proverbs to the Cosmos – A Journey of Insight

The Daily Digest 4: From Proverbs to the Cosmos – A Journey of Insight

Dive into “The Daily Digest” on English Plus Podcast, where we explore the wisdom of proverbs, Franklin Roosevelt’s insights, intriguing word origins, surprising facts about honeybees, subconscious decision-making, educational nuances, and a unique poem by Phoenix. Join us for a journey of discovery, language, and what it means to feel truly alive. No prior knowledge required—just curiosity.

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The Story of Social Justice: Past, Present and Future

The Story of Social Justice: Past, Present and Future

Explore the dynamic story of social justice through an in-depth analysis covering historical milestones, current challenges, and future directions. From intersectionality and globalization’s impact to the role of technology and policy reforms, this article provides comprehensive insights into the evolving trends and enduring struggles in the quest for equity and justice across the globe. Perfect for activists, scholars, and anyone committed to understanding and advancing social justice today. 

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