Complete the sentences. Use the simple present or the present progressive of the verbs in parentheses. DO NOT USE CONTRACTIONS (e.g. Use do not have instead of don't have)

Fill in the blanks.

Look! It (begin) to rain. Unfortunately, I (have, not) an umbrella with me. I (own, not) an umbrella. Spiro is lucky. He (wear) a raincoat. I (wear) a waterproof hat on rainy days.

Fill in the blanks.

Martha is in science class. The chemistry experiment she (do) is dangerous, so right now she (be) very careful. She (want, not) to spill any of the chemical. She (be, always) careful when she does a chemistry experiment.

Fill in the blanks.

Right now I (look) at Nicole. She (look) angry. I wonder what's the matter. She (have) a frown face. She certainly (have, not) any fun right now.

Fill in the blanks.

A: How (you, like) the soup? (it, need) more garlic?
B: No, it (taste) delicious. It (remind) me of my mom's soup.

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