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Why bother telling us what we already know. Prophets come and go and try to show us what this life is all about, but we do know. We know what we are supposed to do. We know what life is all about. We don’t need a prophet to tell us that. Maybe, that serves as a kind reminder, from time to time when we go down under, but once back on our feet, we know all that, but we cannot help being who we are. We cannot help wanting to have everything everyone has. What would the world mean if it does not belong to the few and the rest still believing in the only and the true may serve. Dear prophet, keep preaching. What you say is numbing enough for those to serve silently without questions, without complaints, they believe you, they’re expecting rewards in the ever after and are willing to let it all go right here, and that is fine for me. Dear prophet, thank you, I could have never convinced a mother to leave her child, or a farmer to abandon his harvest. Dear prophet, I believe in you; I find a good partner in you.

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Dear Prophet

Dear prophet—
chosen by god,
ascended the throne
of people’s hearts
by a flash of miracles,
and a requited urge
to belong and unite.

Yet where is the cause?
hundreds of years after
a thousand passed by—
tailoring the truth
to fit the ever changeable size
of man’s own legend—
the leveled nations were once
a field of corn,
now hills on top of hills;
castles outcastle castles;
wings of greed outfly
the desire for everyone
to rule and rule alone.
Dear prophet,
Dear god,
you are no longer one.
Too many came—
you have not heard of every man
who changed what he could,
the hearts transformed
to hearts from stone;
one man alone
could have never done that,
but one drive
one ultimate goal
one god of the heart,
shown to many,
chosen by few
to be his voice and tongue;
seized by too many
to be his fist and spawn.

Like the spirit—
has always been there,
yet few have been divine;
like the heart—
has always pumped inside out,
yet the rush of true blood
of one heart beating for all
no matter what comes back,
has been felt by just a few;
Like the mind—
governing the whole universe;
layers of secrets underlying secrets,
bewitching and unpredictable;
the true miracle inside
everyman’s head,
yet truly used
by almost no one.
Only Greed and Power remain
Man’s only one true god

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