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In today’s episode, you will learn ten new words in the context of The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow. The words are protruded, bedeck, enchanted, invariably, brawny, physique, disguise, amorous, ransack, and accomplished.

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The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

In the peaceful valley of Sleepy Hollow lived a tall, thin schoolteacher named Ichabod Crane. His skinny arms protruded from tattered sleeves, and his tiny head was bedecked with two huge ears and a large, narrow nose. Some said Ichabod Crane actually looked like a crane. Yet Ichabod was a good teacher. He rarely whipped the children, and sometimes he even walked them home. This is how he met the lovely Katrina Van Tassel, the daughter of a farmer. She was not only pretty, she was rich. Ichabod was soon enchanted by her charms. Day and night, Ichabod’s mind invariably drifted to Katrina’s beauty and her father’s rich farm.

However, there was another man in the village who was also in love with Katrina. His name was Brom Van Brunt, but everyone called him Brom Bones. Unlike Ichabod, Brom was strong and muscular. The villagers often marveled over his brawny physique. Ichabod feared Brom Bones, so to disguise his amorous purposes, Ichabod pretended to give Katrina singing lessons.

Brom was not fooled, but whenever he challenged Ichabod to a fight, Ichabod refused. Brom, therefore, began playing tricks on Ichabod. He stopped up Ichabod’s chimney and ransacked his house, upsetting his furniture and leaving a mess. Then one day Ichabod got an invitation to a party at Katrina’s house. Brom Bones was also invited. Ichabod was an accomplished dancer and danced every dance with Katrina while Brom Bones stared at him with rage in his eyes. When the dancing ended, the men began telling ghost stories about a headless ghost who rode about the valley. Ichabod believed the stories, so as he nervously rode home that dark, lonely night, he jumped at the slightest sound and hid from every shadow. In the darkest part of the woods, he heard the sound of a horse and rider behind him. Shaking wildly, Ichabod finally peeked over his high collar. What he saw sent a shiver through his body. It was a headless horseman, carrying his head under his arm. Ichabod spurred his horse into a gallop, but it was too late. The headless rider lifted his head and threw it at Ichabod.

The next morning the schoolteacher was not at school. He had disappeared. In the woods the townspeople found only Ichabod’s hat and a broken pumpkin. Not long after this Brom Bones married Katrina. When asked about the pumpkin and what happened in the woods that night, Brom Bones would just laugh.

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