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In today’s episode, you will learn ten new words in the context of Current Trends. The words are tendency, dominate, automation, insignificant, preponderance, retail, expansion, flexible, tolerate, and temporary.

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Too often, young people prepare themselves for jobs that are rapidly disappearing. This tendency is not hard to understand. When people think about good jobs, they think about ones they have heard or read about. They may even have had some experience with them. In other words, they think about jobs that already exist.

However, the workplace keeps changing because the world keeps changing. Jobs in some fields are increasing, while those in other fields are disappearing. In the early part of this century, manufacturing jobs dominated the Help Wanted ads in newspapers. Factories hired huge numbers of people and paid them good money to build everything from automobiles to paper clips. However, by the 1960s machines were doing the work men and women used to do. Automation greatly reduced the number of manufacturing jobs. Moreover, businesses with factories requiring a large labor pool have moved to countries where labor is cheap. The number of manufacturing jobs available today is insignificant compared to those in other fields.

According to government figures, the preponderance of jobs in the next few decades will be in service-related fields, such as health and business. Jobs will also be plentiful in the technical fields and in retail establishments, such as stores and restaurants. The expansion in these fields is due to several factors: an aging population, numerous technical breakthroughs, and our changing lifestyles. The highest-paying jobs will go to people with degrees in science, computers, engineering, and health care.

What will employers of the future look for? Employers will want workers who are flexible and therefore able to change as business changes. The workers of the future will need to tolerate these changes. Many people will be expected to perform temporary jobs, then move on to new and different tasks. Each new task may involve new skills and understandings. The only thing that will remain the same is change.

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