In this episode, we’re going to learn about how to express happiness, sadness and anger using commonly used idioms.

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Lesson Highlights

Happiness Idioms

To talk about extreme happiness you can use one of the following idioms:

  • I’m thrilled to bits.
  • I am/feel on top of the world.
  • I’m on cloud nine.
  • I’m over the moon.
  • I’m in seventh heaven.

Other Happiness Idioms

  • get a (real) kick out of something: very much enjoy doing something
  • do something for kicks: do something because it is exciting, usually something dangerous
  • jump for joy: be very happy and excited about something that has happened
  • be floating/walking on air: be very happy about something good that has happened
  • something makes your day: something makes you feel very happy

Sadness Idioms

Here is a list of the sad idioms we learned in this lesson:

  • out of sorts: slightly unhappy or slightly sick
  • down in the dumps: unhappy
  • it’s not the end of the world: what has happened won’t cause any serious problems
  • just grin and bear it: accept a situation you don’t like because you can’t change it
  • a misery guts: someone who complains all the time and is never happy
  • sour grapes: being jealous about something you can’t have
  • put a damper on: stop an occasion from being enjoyable

Anger Idioms

These are some idioms we can use to express the fact that we are angry:

  • I’m fed up with trying to live on such a small wage.
  • I’m at my wits’ end trying to keep things in order.
  • I’ve had it up to here with this organization.
  • Your boss will have/throw a fit when he finds out your forgot to reply to those emails.
  • If someone’s blood is up, they are very angry and may react in a violent way.
  • If you are after someone’s blood, you want to catch them in order to hurt or punish them.
  • If you are out for blood, you are determined to find someone to attack or blame for something bad that has happened.

How about some idioms that describe angry relationships:

  • drive someone up the wall: make someone very angry
  • rub someone up the wrong way: make someone annoyed
  • ruffle someone’s feathers: make someone annoyed
  • no be on speaking terms: be so angry with each other that they refuse to speak to each other
  • give someone an earful: tell someone how angry you are with them
  • give someone a piece of your mind: tell someone how angry you are with them

Let’s Practice

Talking about Feelings 1 Quiz 

Level: Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate
Quiz time: about 5 minutes
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