In The Odyssey Episode 3, Alexios is searching for his mother but he will find a dark secret after he consult the oracle of Delphi. Amazing events are waiting for you in this new episode from the Odyssey series. Learn from games and enjoy a fabulous story from English Plus Podcast.

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Comprehension Check

Answer the questions based on your understanding of both the audio and video podcast of The Odyssey Episode 03 A Dark Secret.

Why does Alexios want to go see the Pythia?

Which is NOT true about Herodotus?

Who is the Pythia?

Why didn't the Pythia answer Alexios's questions in the temple?

What did Alexios learn from the Pythia when he met her the second time?

Which of the following is NOT something found when he killed Elpenor?

Which is NOT something Alexios leanred in the meeting of the Cult of Cosmos?

How did Alexios manage to escape the meeting of the Cult?

Which is one thing that didn't happen on Andros?

Where is Alexios going next?

Narration Bits


Elpenor slipped through my fingers and got away for now. I could go after him any time I like, but the stakes are higher than ever. I found a letter in Elpenor’s house and I know that he is looking for a woman. Well, they are looking for a woman, but I still don’t know who they are. I have a strong feeling that this woman is my mother, Myrrine. There have been too many coincidences since I met Elpenor, so I believe he and the people behind him are after my mother. I have to do something about this, but I am clueless. I guess I’ll have to see that Pythia after all. I hate oracles so much. It was an oracle’s prophecy that destroyed our family in the first place. If that stupid oracle didn’t say that my sister Kassandra should be killed, none of what happened to us would have happened, but even I know that I cannot change the past. I have to look ahead now and try to pick up the pieces of what’s left of our family. Nikolaos has gone his way. I didn’t forgive him for what he did, but I don’t hate him. Now my mother is alive and I have to find her. She is the last member alive from my family. I wish I could have saved my sister on that day. I would have taken her to Kephallonia and cared for her, so we could look for our mother together now, but I’m just a mercenary who knows better than to believe in miracles and fairy tales.
I went to the temple of Apollo to see this oracle. Maybe, she can tell me something about my mother. I was supposed to meet with Barnabas there, but when I arrived I saw Barnabas with a man I hadn’t seen before, and from the looks of it, I could tell that Barnabas told him everything he knew about me. I hope this new guy is trustworthy. I don’t want to kill him.

After Meeting with Herodotus and the Pythia

The oracle seems to know who I was. This is a strange thing that has been happening quite often recently. Wherever I go, I find people who know who I am although I have never seen them before. Well, even this new guy I met, Herodotus, seems to know me, well, not exactly me, but he seems to be very interested in the broken spear I carry, Leonidas’s spear. But Herodotus seems like a man I can trust, and he seems to know a lot about the Greek world, so I believe he will be useful. It’s always good to be able to surround yourself with people you can trust, with friends.
The Pythia knew who I was, but I could tell that she knew much more than she let on, and there were the same spooky-looking guards there inside the temple like the ones I killed at Elpenor’s house. I have to admit, she tried to warn me, but the guards quickly came and kicked me out of the temple. The Temple of Apollo is no place for a fight, I didn’t even try. I might not be a great believer in anything, but I still honor those sacred places. Everything seems to be connected, Elpenor, the guards controlling the Pythia, which by itself is a very dangerous thing, especially in a time of war. Elpenor himself was involved in this war business, and this Cult of Cosmos seems to have a hand in everything bad happening in the world right now. If the Cult of Cosmos controls the Pythia, they control the war. I need to see her again, more privately, away from her guards. I have to sneak inside her house or kill my way through. Either way, I have to talk to her. I need to know more about this Cult of Cosmos.

After talking to Herodotus and The Pythia the second time

The Pythia was a victim herself. The Cult threatened her and I can’t blame her for what she has been doing, but that brought a funny idea to my mind. How old is the Cult? And since they’re hunting me and my family, could they have influenced the older Pythia to make that ominous prophecy that made me lose my sister, Kassandra? But that happened a long time ago. No, I don’t think so. They’re after my family for a reason, but that can’t be it.
I talked to Herodotus and I told him that I know where the Cult members meet, but I can’t go inside with my sword and armor. I have to infiltrate their meeting without raising suspicions. I need to learn more about their plans. I know that my usual solution to anything is hacking, breaking and killing, but not this time. I have to be smart about it. If Elpenor is indeed a member of that Cult, I know how cunning they can be. I have to be cunning myself and get in there, learn as much as I can. Only then I will hunt them down.
There seems to be a special ceremonial outfit with a mask, which cannot be more appropriate as I don’t want anyone to see my face. I shouldn’t go far and wide to find one. Elpenor is a member of the Cult and he must have one. This is what I call killing two birds with one stone. Elpenor has to die and I will get just the right outfit to go to that Cult’s meeting unnoticed.

After Killing Elpenor

That snake got what he deserved, and I got that ceremonial robe and mask, but I also found a strange shard on Elpenor and it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I believe that shard is significant in a way, so I will keep that, too. I never know when it may come in handy.
Now I am ready to go to that meeting. I will control my temper and go in with only one target in mind. I need to know more about their plans, who they are, and maybe, if I’m lucky, I will learn something about my mother, too. Maybe, they know where she is. I have to be patient this time. I will go see Herodotus. He must have learned the exact location of that meeting chamber.

After talking to the woman at the gate (The meeting)

Who the hell is that Deimos? Should I be worried? No, I am not afraid of Deimos or anyone else, but remember Alexios, you’re not here to fight. Calm down now, and I will deal with this Deimos later.

After Meeting the Second Cultist

I can’t tell who these people are, but they seem to be very powerful. When you listen to what they say, you believe everything out there is a game for them. They’re just playing a big nasty game. I’m afraid this might be a lot more serious that Herodotus and I have ever imagined.

After Overhearing a conversation

These are heartless murderers. If the richest and most powerful people join with the most ruthless, it’s not only me and my family who are in danger, all of Greece is in danger.

Before Coming near the Pyramid with Deimos

It was a mistake coming down here and leaving all my weapons behind. This Deimos looks tough, and I don’t know if she will be able to call my bluff, but if she does, I’m screwed. I can see why they all fear her that much. Oh, damn it, it’s my turn. What do I do now?

After the Pyramid Revelation

Deimos is Kassandra? Deimos is my sister. She’s not dead, but who is she? Does she know who she’s working with. How did she survive? I need to see her again, but not now. I was lucky to leave that place in one piece. She saved my life. But she looks like a monster. Is that really Kassandra?

After Talking to Herodotus

It seems that the game is much bigger than me and my family. My mother is alive somewhere hunted by the Cult, and I have to find her before they do, and Herodotus wants me to go with him to Athens and meet with Perikles. I don’t owe the Greek world anything, but then I remembered my mother’s words, and what my grandfather did whose spear I still carry with me. Maybe, there is something more to my destiny. Maybe I should listen to Herodotus and go to Athens, and there, I will have a better chance to find clues that may lead me to my mother. I learned a lot of terrible things in that Cult meeting, but there were no clues to the whereabouts of my mother.
Herodotus wants to make one stop before we go to Athens. He wants me to meet at Thermoplaye. The place where my grandfather and his brave 300 stood against the entire Persian army. I must admit. I feel like going there myself.

After Thermopylae

Herodotus seems to have been touched by the place even more than I did, and he wants me to go with him to Andros. He said there was something there I needed to see. I am already feeling that there is something bigger waiting for me. And maybe after all, I’m not just a mercenary. I will set sail and go to Andros before going to Athens. I don’t know if Andros has any answers for me, or if it will add to the many unanswered questions I have, but I felt it, too. There on that battlefield, the power of my spear, the power of the very blood running in my veins. But I had no idea who I might encounter there on the Island. I couldn’t imagine she would track me down that far.

After Andros

That was something I have never seen before. I feel my spear is stronger. All those memories coming back to me, so vivid, so real. I feel I am stronger. There are forces that I may never understand, but I am starting to feel them. Maybe, there were people here before us. Maybe what Herodotus was saying is right, but why me? Why am I the one to see all this? I don’t know. Is it my bloodline? Is it who my real father is? I don’t know. While I was in the middle of all this, there was Kassandra waiting for me at the door on my way out.

After Seeing Kassandra

I can’t claim to know my sister. The last time I saw her, she was just an infant. She didn’t know me. She somehow turned into a monster. That Cult has quite a grip on her, but I’m never going to give up on her. She’s still my sister, but I have to stop her and her Cult. They’re planning on more war and destruction.

After Talking to Herodotus

So now Perikles is indeed in danger, and my mother is in danger, too, but I have no choice but to go to Athens first. Maybe I will learn something that may lead me to my mother, and Perikles seems to be a reasonable leader. Maybe, I should warn him, and gain an ally with whom I may be able to put an end to this Cult and the war.

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