Brain Fitness Puzzles and Activities Series
Brain Fitness Sudoku Series


What is Brain Fitness Book Series?

Brain and Fitness book series focuses on logic, math and other types of games and activities that you will have a lot of fun playing and at the same time you will keep your brain as fit as it gets.

Take a look at the books I have published in the series so far and pick the one that suits your level or interests. I have done my best to have a book just for you in the series. Check it out

Still Not Convinced?

Take a look at the sample below.

Brain and Fitness Level 1 Easy
Brain and Fitness Level 2 Intermediate
Brain and Fitness Level 3 Advanced
Brain and Fitness Level 4 Expert
Sudoku Level 1 Easy
Sudoku Level 2 Intermediate
Sudoku Level 3 Advanced
Sudoku Level 4 Expert
Sudoku Big Book

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