Join me on this great journey with Kassandra from the Odyssey. Assassin’s Creed’s The Odyssey is going to be our first series in The Gamer Bard podcast. In the first episode, we’ll meet Kassandra, the simple mercenary on an island in the middle of nowhere, but here destiny is much bigger than this small island. It is going to be as big as the entire Greek world, but for now, she’s just a mercenary.

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Welcome to the very first episode from the gamer bar in the gamer bar. I do not believe that games are just for playing. I believe that stories matter in games. And that is exactly what I’m going to talk about. Of course, the gamer board is about games and we’re going to explore some of the best games ever, I will have to say that I will be focusing more on RPG games. So for video game lovers out there, you will know that this is going to be about your favorite I hope your favorite RPG games and the very first game we’re going to start which is going to be a series are going to explore the story of the series that’s going to be Assassin’s Creed, the Odyssey, the game is story rich and full of events and things but it’s not just going to be telling you the story of the game No, it’s going to be an immersive experience. I will add my narrations I will mix that up with the action of the game the dialogues to make it a unique experience. And while you will all be able to enjoy the episodes from the gamer bar. There is also the video version of this podcast that is going to be available only to patrons so if you would like to access the video as well. If you would like to see it in action, use the link you can find in the description and go subscribe to my Patreon premium access. And now without further ado, let’s start with the very first episode from our series The Odyssey and the episode is called just a mercenary enjoy.

It might not be easy for her to fathom the world she lives in. She is in the middle of a nation torn apart. Everyone is at each other’s throat. Athens and Sparta are tearing the Greek world apart. But who is she to complain? She is just a small time mercenary on Kefalonia Island away from the war and her name is Cassandra. But even in the most remote and peaceful islands of Greece she cannot find a moment Spiess after all, she is a mercenary on an island full of thugs with their heartless leader who is called the Cyclops

be shoot face it down here Cyclops got a message for you

tell your boss he can stick it back for last week

the Cyclops said you like to so

get a little closer and the Cyclops last week should happens every week keep doing this now Thanks for the warning

What happened to you

nothing VB all taken care of now

this eclipse again huh? hasn’t learned this lesson yet?

Apparently not. Of course. Help yourself

you hungry to a goddess Do you think Zeus would bless me with an ego lucky blessed you Cassandra. Maybe you could ask him for me.

I’ll try to put in a good word for you.


So what are you doing here? Oh,

Forgot. Marcos is looking for you.

What does that weasel want now? Don’t know.

He wants you to meet them at his new house on his vineyard.

What? A vineyard. Well locka

it’s on the road to Sammy. He says mine will make him rich.

Since when has he had the vineyard?

Yesterday? I think

so. Marcos, who owes me that Acme is buying vineyards? With what money?

I don’t know. When can

I find Marcus’s new beautiful estate?

You know the statue of Zeus among eyeness itself of that? Well,

I guess I owe Marcos a little visit thank you for being

I’ll go through my cosecant me my

funds over though that one night freak if he ever sends you here again. I’m gonna cut out his other eye and fade it to my bed.

Phoebe is Cassandra’s weakness. She is a sweet little girl scratching a life in a brutal world. And for some reason, she has taken it upon herself to keep Phoebe safe. Maybe she sees her last brother in her the one she could not save. Cassandra was on her way to see the Marcos The Weasel, but those thugs she spared Well, that was a mistake. They ambushed her on the way there, but they were small times thoughts. She dealt with them and went on her way to see Marcus. What has the fool done this time? Guess this

is the vineyard straight ahead. Let’s see what you’ve gotten yourself into this time. Marcos.

Gosh, I keep telling you you. You can’t do that. Why? It’s my farm. I can plant what I want. The grapes will die here. All of them. You have to forget what you know about the past my friend. Together we will revolutionize winemaking believe me. You will look back on this day and gossip. Kassandra thank the gods Phoebe found you in about great. I can still hear you. I was worried sick. The Cyclops anti scam to find you. I think they mean you harm. I wish

you would have told me that before they hit me. But that’s beside the point. You’ve got the vineyard. Marcos. A vineyard.

Why not? I like wine. You like wine? Everybody likes wine. Everybody buys wine. Why not for me?

Because you don’t know how to grow grapes or make wine?

I’m a fast learner. You grow grapes on the vine. Then you get some wine? Is that simple? Is it? You know me better than to think I don’t have a plan. Marcos always has a plan.

All right. Then do you have the money you owe me?

Do I have the money? I owe you? Of course of course. Well, no, not at the moment.

Then. Get it

instantly my friend instantly. But maybe you should do that. There is a merchant in Sami I’m not very good at these things as you know.

You want me to collect my own debt?

It’s just waiting for you and Sammy my friend. Who’s the merchant juris you know Thor is is very nice. The race.

How stupid can you get stopped giving him money?

He always pays me back

after I threaten him.

Exactly. Everybody benefits. Voorhees gets his money. I get my interest and you have work Kefalonia is wonderful. Is it not? How do you want to handle this one? Not like you handled that olive oil business. That was that was too much. I got the money. And now we’ll never get any more from him. If you kill them all nobody benefits, threatening them and maybe more breaking things certainly steal the money if you have to put don’t rob me of my customers. Unless you can’t avoid it. These things happen. When can I find the race? In a shop in salami overlooking the dogs? You know this Cassandra, where he be there? You mistake me for the Pythia I couldn’t possibly know

he did better have my money, Marcos. I’d hate to have to sell our vineyard.

Of course he will. Oh, after there’s another matter I want to discuss with you after

fine, but I’m taking a horse. It’s too hot, too long a walk to go on foot. But think of it as interest Marcos everybody benefits.

Of course, my friend. You shall have your pic

tell me about this one.

The Securos you have an eye for sturdy stock by friend. That horse can cling to mountain passes like a god.

I’ve made my choice.

Which one will it be?

The one on the left?

I find choice, but this particular breed has a few quirks that you might not be aware of. I wouldn’t want you to take an unworthy horse. This is the one I want. Are you sure? Because I’m

sure Marcos,

everybody benefits especially you. You’ve chosen the grid for us. He’s never let me down for verse. Remember, meet me at the temple in Sami when you have your money from breweries. If therapy there is plenty of wine left to buy, don’t fret not you fall famous been taken by who? Dogs of the Cyclops who else snatched her right off the main road. Tell me where they went in the direction of the manor beats the beach? Can she swim? I’ll get her. Yes, go. But don’t forget about dear viewer is Cassandra.

Oh, Marcus cares about his his money. Or maybe Cassandra should say the money that he owes her and the other money that he owes almost every one on this island. But there was no time for this. Phoebe was taken and there is nothing Cassandra wouldn’t do for this little girl. She had to save her immediately. She can wiggle her out out of the troubles Marcus put her in. But not Phoebe. Phoebe is a sweet little girl. What can she say? Cassandra owes Marcus big time. She owes him her life. And she has to believe that at heart Marcos is a good man. Let me go

suck it what are those ropes?

She make good ransomware Acme for the Cyclopes

no one’s gonna buy me from you. They’re all poor

keep quiet Phoebe get away yeah time to get Phoebe out of here.

Sandra, I’m here. Untie me.

How are you? All right.

It wasn’t so bad. Last time we put a clause in my mouth sweat stop biting

Phoebe just be careful. You’re alone now since since

my parents died. I’m okay. I’ve got you and you’ve got me and Marcos. We’re your family right you’re stronger than that got you again up Yes. Spartan rises as soon as they have fallen ready or widen your stance? A soldier grounds themselves Good. Good. Throw throws me

off Nicolaus. The sun’s going down. Time to eat Don’t you think? What are we doing tonight? Tonight we are having baby Alexios and what a feast he will be

no not him. Take

me instead. I’m tasty. Yes, yes. You’re all sweetest honey now come inside the lambs turning black. bear him in his bed. Yes, butter. Sandra. Yo, are my greatest pride and number that you will bring this family to glory. Go right.

You worry too much.

You don’t worry enough.

We’ll be alright if we watch out for each other. Which reminds me, the thug said you should watch your back

what they say?

They said the Cyclops put a big bounty on you. Tell us the stone fist once you dead

the last the mercenary Am I ever not in trouble?

Better get him before he gets you. I hear he’s really mean Alpha my way back to town here

I lost the stone fist has just what I need today, another broken nose. I’m going to have to take care of that

Cassandra did save Phoebe because after all, Phoebe is right. Phoebe and Marcus are her only family. But that didn’t save her from the memories of her true family, the one she lost a long time ago. Those memories are so strong that a lifetime of being a mercenary far away from home could not erase the memories of her father Nicholaus her mother murrini and her poor little brother Alexios. But now it is not a time to dwell on these lost memories. It’s time to pay the Reese a visit and get her money back. Good to see

hello Lutece business looks good girl Marcos

to come down here himself if he wants his money.

But I’m here now. Look,

I was a little late paying now Marco says I owe him double because of interest. I don’t have it

to spare. You should have thought of that when you borrowed me raise. But my family is hot. I’m in a bad mood. And you’re going to pay. We both know it. And the question is, what do I break first? You owe your merchandise.

Doodle Marcos. I’ve paid enough already. I won’t bow to too poor mercenary or to someone foolish enough to borrow money from the Cyclops

from the Cyclops. That’s how he bought his vineyard.

Look, I know you’d be dead without Marcos. What with him taking you off the street as a kid. But you know what he’s doing is crazy.

Man, like, still, that doesn’t change the drachma. You will

face it. Once the Cyclops gets hold of you. You’ll both be dead. Hey, stop. That’s my stuff. All right. All right. Thank you just fine. The

mind is yours. Just leave

pleasure doing business with you.

Keep my name of your lips. I don’t want the Cyclops coming after me for the debt you can pay.

Cassandra managed to get the money back from the race. And she went to see markers who always seem to be in trouble whenever she saw him.

You’re running out of time into the cycles come through my locker. You aren’t his money. Could I have an extension? When he says back to Kefalonia? He’ll come and break you as soon as he talks. If you don’t get it now. Let’s be civil. You can’t hide behind your glorious Mr. Yours forever markets. He will kill you. The mercenary and that little runt girl that hangs around. Of course not a problem. I’ll get the Drac me. Good. Gonna come and watch the Cyclops feed you to his goats. Kassandra I can tell from the smile on your face. Verghese has paid you your Drac me

who’s smiling? I just heard where you got the draft me for the vineyard. Are you out of your fucking mind?

We can get the money back. Can’t We? I’m sure it’s possible.

It will take a lot of work. And even then I’m not sure

we have no option but to try

then you’d better be willing to help. I want to do all the dirty work.

I long for the old days. Remember them? They were simple. You had nothing young and alone and I had everything and I gave you the world Kefalonia in the palm of your hand?

Don’t see fishes like you every day are you hungry? How about we make a deal? I do something for you. You do a few things for me. Everybody wins. Best offer you’re gonna get think about it.

Wait Kefalonia some gift.

You were nothing without Marcos. And look how far we’ve come from an orphan on the streets to a mysterious with a hovel,

and now the Cyclops will take everything away. I can’t protect you from him forever. He’ll kill me too.

Oh, don’t be scared of him. They look at you.

How could I go up against him? With what weapons? A rusty spear? Broken Bow? There you are. scouting around the temple one save you from me Marcos.

Drusilla I was just talking about you. You were

I need that word, Marcos. These new balls will be the talk of the island. I can’t make anything with those banded Malakas stopping the word shipments.

Of course you can’t why? I was just feeling my friend Cassandra in on the details. See already has a plan to deal with these bandits.

You know me. Always prepared.

What did I tell you? She will leave no stone unturned.

I don’t care who does it. But someone better got those bandits today.

And wonderful idea. I for one. Need to rush home Kassandra I cooked up a plan for our Cyclops dilemma seni when you have time.

If you want your word, you’ll have to fix my broken bow first. Hmm. I usually only pay when the deed is done but shits moving at a snail’s pace. Follow me. These balls will make me rich as Greasers. Is that good? Or the wars brewing? The Athenians need good bows if they want? Everybody benefits? I guess who are you? Marcos? You should be tired of the small time sheets. You could make a fortune in this war. Plus, I hear you’re a secrets fighter. That was a long time ago. Um, uh kefalonian Hand it over there you go. Good as new that bow is as strong as here at least himself. Give it a try. Fair’s fair. Are you going to get my word? Those fucking bandits need the thrashing Ferris fair. I’ll fix your word problem. Finally, Marcos sureys Lucky his God who has his cape goat? Any idea where these bandits are? I’m not a try. Kurama Boyer there in the mountain somewhere that much. I know. I took close to the lumber camps. There’s plenty of trees around. Why do you need this type of wood? I’ve been working on a new type of bow. It’s more flexible, so it lasts longer and can fire a greater range. Only a very special kind of wood that grows high in the mountains will do. I’ll take care of the bandits. Make sure that you do and be quick about it. No, your moaning won’t get the job done any faster. I’ll kill the bandits and get your fucking word back. I know you will take your time finding them. I trust you. All right, I did something for you. Now you do something for me get to my word.

Cassandra knows she is right. Every time she talks to Marcus. Marcus always makes bad decisions. And she always tells him about it. But he is who he is. He will never change. But Cassandra could not hate this man. He was the one who saved her life when all the world abandoned her when she was just a kid. Without him. She would have starved and died on the streets of Kefalonia Drusilla wanted her word and Cassandra didn’t know if she was doing it for Marcus for Drusilla or just to keep herself busy. But anyway, Cassandra had to track down those bandits kill them and recover the wood Drusilla needed to make those legendary bows she was talking about. Maybe after all, Cassandra is just a mercenary and that is the only life she will ever have.

Take some lumber back as proof. That old bag won’t just take my word for it.

Cassandra managed to track down The bandits and killed the very last one of them. That was an easy job, but she wonders has it really become that easy for her to take life? She is very good at it. Maybe that’s the only thing ever she’s good at doesn’t that make Cassandra just like those bandits? She just killed? No, she would never hurt innocent people. She is just a mercenary in a world that has gone mad. And now it is time to return the word to that crazy woman and deal with other bigger problems.

Ah, it’s Marcos assistant bringing me the wood I need I hope assistant. I don’t think so. I I meant Marco’s muscle has stupid of me. This will tide you over until the rest of the world arrives in town. By the gods. You sure you work with Marcos. He’s never once delivered on a promise. Incredible. I might work with him but we’re nothing alike. I’m true to my word. Then take your pay give none to Marcos.

Cassandra went to see Marcus and as usual he has one of those foolish plans of his Cassandra’s pretty sure one of those would kill her one day.

Ah, here you are. And not a moment too soon.

I’ve dealt with the bandits and gotten the word for the boiler.

I had every confidence in you my friend. Well, your clan right, the Cyclops and I have a score of drag me to settle. The same score is you my rough and tumble friend.

He wouldn’t be after me if it wasn’t for you, my friend.

Right? But I swear this will put an end to it. If he insists on sending his goons after us. We’ll make sure his last good day was yesterday.

Let’s hear it then. What do I have to do?

What will we do you mean as the brains to your prom? I consider it a joint effort. Of course you do. Think what does the Cyclops value most his man his land? He ships? No. Is obsidian.

I get to the point Marcos.

Oh fine. We’re going to steal it.

Are you crazy? You borrow his Rockne then you steal his I

having it means we win. Then it goes to market. We kill two birds with one obsidian I

keep better hold still. Or he’ll lose both eyes.

No, no. It has to be done without the Cyclops knowing you cannot be seen.

Then my new bow will come in handy.

He keeps the eye in his house. It’s too valuable to wear out a wise choice until you show him the error of his ways. Wait for the sun to set sneak in and then bring me the I better be worth something. Do you know how much obsidian goes for an Kefalonia? I’ve never seen it. Exactly. And not only is it obsidian it’s veined with gold. Gold. It’s no wonder he saves it for special occasions.

So we’ll use the profits to pay him off.

It will pay for the bulk of it. A vineyards expensive you know,

I don’t know where the Cyclops lives. Keep

to the west side of the island. Then you will find his lair.

Fine. But you won’t get away with being cheap.

Cheap. You won’t be Cassandra. It’s your defining trait. Bring me the eye and I’ll prove you wrong. Remember, not a soul can see you got it. Pull this off and our heads won’t be the Cyclops his trophies when it comes back.

I need covered. If I’m quiet. I can hide in the bushes. Some I do have that much protection. I have to stay out of you.

So now Cassandra is poking the hornet’s nest. Marcus suggested that foolish plan to steal the obsidian. I have the Cyclops and Cassandra was even a bigger fool to say yes, she knows this is a dangerous business. But she also knows that sooner or later, someone has to stop the Cyclops and knowing Kefalonia she knows that person is going to be her. So why not stir some trouble and aggravate that one i Boss. It was a hell of a fight. The Cyclops lair was not just like an everyday bandits camp. His thugs are much stronger and far too many. But Cassandra managed to get in and out without being seen. Nobody could see her before it was too late. And she managed to get that i She was not sure that little rock would pay all Marcus’s debts. But maybe as he said it was a way to hit two birds with one rock or if Cassandra knows Marcus and she does know him very well. It’s more than like throwing too many rocks at one single bird and not being able to hit it not even once. But Cassandra got the rock and went back to see Marcus to see about his next grand scheme. Marcus has done it again. He always throws Cassandra into problems she has to solve for reasons she could never tell. But she does hate bandits and you are they get in this world, the better, but she came across Talos or maybe she should say that he found her and with the money the Cyclops offered Talos to kill her. There was no point in postponing the inevitable. She had to fight him. And Talos is indeed stronger than those small time bandits. He is a mercenary. Just like Cassandra.

You should have turned down this bounty data loss.

I Be careful.

Do you know how many of his gods were there? Old for a fucking rock?

This rock could buy a house my friend.

And yet it’s still not enough to pay back the Cyclops. Oh,

don’t be upset. Think of all the fun we’ve had. Right?

You’re fun. My blood. You can’t keep dragging me into things. Marcos.

This will work. I promise you. Would I lie to you?

Don’t make me answer that.

Take the I would don’t sell it yet. No vendor would believe we came by it lawfully. They know exactly who it belongs to find better your pocket than his socket.

I think that’s enough for one day. Carry Marcos.

Oh, wait. I saw it both when I’ve never seen before. So the vessels too good for this dirty town. It must be the Cyclops and he brought friends. He’s back.

I can never catch a break. Can I

take them out? And that’s one less thing to deal with. Besides these strangers look Richard creases. The Cyclops pays them well. It’s Win win my friend.

It can’t hurt. What do I have to lose?

You? You’re a winner. If I ever saw one, then where are they? In an abandoned house on the eastern coast? Who knows what golden fortunes shine in their hideout? Send them to Hades. Then look them for all they have will be rich.

He stern coast. Can you be more specific?

I think they’ve settled in an abandoned house by a small forest south of Sami.

So if these visitors aren’t from Kefalonia where did they come from?

All I know is Kefalonia will be the last place they’ll ever see.

I’m keeping some of these golden fortunes though. No negotiations,

not even attract me for the man who sent you.

The rest goes to pay your debt. These are my terms.

Oh, fine, fine. Now teach those strangers what it means to be kefalonian drop blood or bleed

Casandra was on her way to that abandoned house when she saw the only person on this godforsaken island that she couldn’t say no to. Phoebe always comes first.

How they go with Marcos

how it always goes. I didn’t get my money. And I’m running another errand for him. Why do

you let them boss you around?

He doesn’t. He just gets me into situations I have to take myself out of

maybe you shouldn’t let him do that. Thanks for the advice. You’re welcome.

Do you want Phoebe? You know, Gauss, the town on the other side of the island? Why?

People that are sick. And my friend Kena is too. There is a blood fever. They say it’s a curse and they need help from the gods. I told you, I’m not a god. But a Kairos is a bird. That doesn’t mean you can’t help.

Alright, I look into it.

Cassandra did say to Phoebe that she would help her friends family, but she doesn’t know the first thing about diseases and plates. Maybe she should start saying no to Phoebe for a change. But she gave Phoebe her word. And Cassandra might be just a mercenary. But when she gives someone her word, even if that person is a little girl, she can never break the promises she makes. Cassandra went to the village to see what she could do. But then she saw the village burning. And there was that priest who wanted to kill every last person in the village to control the plague instead of finding a way to cure them. So Cassandra couldn’t just watch and do nothing.

God’s won’t help you. The sickness must be destroyed by our hands. We have no choice

He won’t let us go.

What’s going on?

Cow sauce was consumed by plague. We couldn’t keep up with the bodies. It was spreading. We had to intervene.

They killed our brothers, our neighbors. We survived the massacre. But he’ll kill us

now. The gods have abandoned us. The sick must join the dead if we have to save the living.

You burned the whole village.

Many nights were lost praying. We had to take action to scorch the blood fever out of Colossus.

Is there no hope for a cure?

Nothing has worked. Sacrifice, prayers,

healers, one can hear us soldiers won’t let us leave. The gods want to answer our prayers. But I don’t know anything about the plague.

There is nothing you can do. No. If you intervene. I will be forced to defend the God’s wills save us from him.

Have pity we aren’t even that sick. We’ll

get better nobody gets better. This is the only way all of Kefalonia will save itself from extermination.

We have children think of them.

Don’t regret stopping here Miss theose

let them go. What your no God.

That was a nasty business back in the village. But the Sandra did what she thought was the right thing to do. No one can take the place of the gods and condemn people to death whenever they choose. Even the gods should not do that. But Cassandra was happy to see Phoebe happy. She saved her friends family. And now Phoebe is calling her a hero. But is Cassandra a hero or a simple or scenario? You’re a zero. That priest came from the underworld, some man of the gods. God sent you

time to God. Well enough to travel. But need healing. Before you go take my draft me. It can pay for what you gave us. But it’s all we have. Forget about that. Just travel safely. You have a gift from the gods in Kibera. I hope they bless you. By Kima be safe. The abandoned house and the people.

Now it was time to go to that abandoned house and see what Cassandra could salvage. If it belongs to the Cyclops. She wouldn’t be too sorry to do anything that would weaken that monster. But those thugs didn’t seem to work for the Cyclops. They were working for a man Cassandra hadn’t seen before.

I normally have someone else do the field work? I don’t suppose you know how to get the stain out.

There will be more blood if you step closer,

perhaps, but then you won’t hear my proposition misters a clean slaughter. Very good work.

Not much sympathy for the men who work with you.

Not with me. For me, employees. Now ex employees I suppose.

So you don’t work for the Cyclops.

You will kind of unusually believe as a myth,

not the monster. The man. You are an outsider. Why are you here?

Indeed. I’m not from Bologna. I’m here because what I’m looking for is if you follow me, Cassandra

What are you? How do you know my name?

I’m Mel painter of Kira. How do I know your name? I did what you did. I asked and people told me

Tell me who sent you

an inquisitive nature. Good. That will help.

You know more than you let on

knowing you is in my best interest and knowing me isn’t yours. My prized possession was stolen and brought to Ithaca and elope is woven shroud. I need you to steal it back.

This route of Penelope, the wife of this use you’re joking But piece of it Yes. Impossible. If it existed, it would be

priceless. Which is why I wanted back.

Africa is not a small island. I need more information.

I’d started the home of a DCS. Well, what’s left of it an inspiring tale reunion union

of past lovers. Alright. I’ll do it.

Don’t expect it to be easy. That’s why it will cost you when it’s agreed. There’s a rowboat in the harbor, use it. It’s not meant for open water. So be wise. When you have the shroud to meet me in the Temple of Zeus. I will. Oh and miss this. Don’t fail.

LP nor seem to be playing a much bigger game than that of the local Cyclops. There was something suspicious about this man. But Cassandra was just a mercenary and LP No just wants her to retrieve and lop Stroud from Ithaca, and the money was good. Maybe Cassandra should cast her doubts about the shady figure and make some money that may help her and Marcus wiggle their way out of this pit. Marcus had thrown them into

a legendary shroud he painted wasn’t lying.

And off, Cassandra went to Ithaca, which was a shade of its glorious past from the time of the great Odysseus, but it was not fully abandoned. Wherever there was an abandoned place. Bandits seem to be the first to claim it.

All the years I lived on bologna. I never realized that my dude this is his palace was here

my thanks. I can’t believe I let those Malacca sneak up on me. Ithaca is a dangerous place to wander around on your own. You’re wandering around on your own. You’re right. I can’t find the camp of bandits by myself. Could you help me to get to a DCSS Palace? I can pay. I’ll help you get to the palace. Well, I’m in luck, then. What do I call you? Cassandra. I’m Odessa, named after the great Odysseus. Why would you want to go up there? I am a descendant of a DCS. I’m on a pilgrimage. Georgia descendent of the former king of Africa. And the man who created the Trojan horse and defeated the Cyclops, the one who traveled to the land of the Lotus Eaters, the one the Odyssey is about Yes, I am. Why you’re not the first who said that is all? Well, I trust I don’t need to prove my lineage to get up to the palace. We should go to the palace while we have the chance.

The Sandra had retrieved the shroud but she found a young woman imprisoned by those bandits. Every time Cassandra kills people, even if they are bad people, she tries to do one little good deed that would make her feel better and kind of justify the massacre she just caused. And what a coincidence. She saved Odessa in the house of the great Odysseus.

This is it. It’s just Rubble, what are you expecting? I don’t know. Something more grand. My parents named me Odessa. I’m a DC Asus namesake. I thought if I came here, I might understand him more. Well, do you? Not at all. Take me to my boat, or pay you then?

Well, it seems that it was no coincidence at all. It seems that Odessa is indeed a descendant of the great Odysseus or at least that’s who she claims to be. But she didn’t strike Cassandra as clever as her ancestor. What the hell did she think she would find in this abandoned place? After all these years are easiest his palace in Ithaca was just in ruins.

Well, this is for you. Such a disappointment. Why is that place so important to you? Are you joking? Or DCS live their rule there? He ended the Trojan War, eluded Skilar and Carib this, he had everything. Loyalty love, fighting spirit, he had the attention of the gods to that caused him a lot of trouble. And it made him a legend. If you keep trying you’ll get giving up guarantees you never will. You’re the first one to encourage me like that. Just know it’s your decision to make greatness is what I seek. It’s what I’ve desired my entire life. I refuse to end up like everyone around me content to go about their daily lives until therefore gotten in depth what this use didn’t want to go toward. And once it was over, it took him 10 years to get home. He wasted years of his life. All because the gods interfered. Stay home. Spend time with your family, live your own life. But who will remember my story then? Would you rather be remembered or happy? I have to give that some thought. Thank you.

Oh, this seems to be a nice person. And Cassandra has been a mercenary for a long time so she is not used to being nice to strangers. But at least this one works out anyway. Now that she has retrieved the shroud it was time for her to return to LP Nora and get a reward.

Cassandra good news. I hope safe and sound well done. And now the shroud is yours.

You don’t want it the after all that

I gained something more valuable today. For your troubles mysterious.

I find you any better. I think he was testing me.

Perhaps you did. Well, mysterious. Tell me. How do you feel about killing a generally may Gary’s do this for me and earn double what you earned today. Are you up to the task? It will take you far away from the following year. So far away, you might never return.

I’m not an assassin

is the first time for everything. What do you say?

Who is this general?

We call him the wolf.

He do something to offend you?

Yes. He’s costing me the rough me. He’s not good for business. Why? Me? Because no one knows who you are. You’re invisible. anything I should know about Mallory’s only that it’s the most valuable land in the Greek world. From a military perspective. Of course. Unfortunately, for my guardians, it has two very powerful neighbors who just can’t seem to play nice in the tug of war between Korea and Athens. McGarry says there Oh, I accept splendid. You will need a boat. You have one, don’t you? Of course. Good. I hope it’s 30.

And why is that

the seas are much more dangerous. I’m afraid war is coming. And the wolf is on the wrong side. Why? With whom? The entire Greek world is at each other’s throats. What rock Have you been hiding under? Exactly.

Kefalonia. And how do I know you’re on the right side?

Because I’m the one paying you.

You won’t be disappointed.

When your job in muggers is done. Come find me at pilgrims landing in focus.

I need a boat. I should go see the ship builder.

So all of that was just a test. And now she has to find herself a ship to sail to mega Reese and kill that Gen whom they call the wolf whoever that may be. Cassandra is not an assassin. But in the time of war. Maybe that is the only job left for mercenaries like Cassandra, but she does need a ship to be able to sail to mega release. She has no idea how to get enough drunk me to buy a ship or maybe destiny is waiting for her just around the corner.

It’s a fine shift that you madness


she is that ready to ride the waves for the right captain? And the right price. What will it take for you to part with her? Oh, couldn’t let her go for less than 100,000 100,000 Who has that much? Someone who’s serious about buying a shoe? You think craftsmanship like this is given away? What if I told you I had obsidian to trade? I tell you I still need 100,000 for Acme.

Besides, even if I took your obsidian as CIP this size needs an army to sell it.

This is Kefalonia I could always find someone down on their luck and willing to work for next to nothing to get off this island. The seas are treacherous now. Well, more than usual. It would be suicide. Not being very helpful. Telemachus. Not sure if this helps, but rumor has it the Cyclops is coming for you and Marcos.

Rumors mean nothing. Don’t believe everything you hear. Rumor also has it he sees his docking clippings Bay. His ship you say I love to bake Lyptus Bay visit. Be careful. That one I brewed has a nasty temper.

Well, Cassandra was dreaming that Telem Enos would just give her the ship, but she knew that was impossible. However, he was right about the Cyclops. Maybe this time, she would really be able to kill two birds with only one stone. She would dread Kefalonia of that monster and she would get herself a ship. Cassandra knows that Killing the Cyclops is not going to be easy, but it has to be done.

They won’t ask any questions. Let’s keep out of sight. This used to be a nice village. Now it’s just a nest of anarchy and crime.

Well, the guys that’s my witness, I swear which one What difference does it make all of them I swear all of them

I have never heard so much fucking god doctrine one manual my days. Let him go. No one on this island is allowed to say that word.

Did he say Cyclops? Did he hurt your feelings?

I don’t like it when people carry that. I didn’t

like to so fat. I mean, big and strong. And you really do only have one eye.

Give it to me. Give it to me and I won’t kill Marcos for having you steal it. Give it to me.

You want it don’t get it I hope you’re ready to die shouldn’t delay here any further? Even rats like these have friends who give Alanya

juice. These kefalonian bandits are no joke. Good thing you’re on my side. They really seem to fear you. I can’t thank you enough. After spending most of my life at sea. It would have been absolutely shameful to drown in a pot. Ah, where are my manners? I am very nervous. Captain of the address dia.

Wherever Nevers. I’m pleased to meet you. And Cassandra misterios by trade.

Ah, oh, but you’re much more than that. I’m sure. What do you mean? When they forced my head underwater? I pray to the gods. And when they pulled it out. There you were.

All of Kefalonia heard your prayers. I just happen to be closest.

And you just happen to fight like a Heelys while Zeus is eagle flies around your head. Why did you come from everywhere? Nowhere. The address there is my home. But I was born in an olive grove and Mykonos. I haven’t stepped foot there since I left for the military.

So you’re a soldier.

I was my brothers and I were captains in the Athenian fleet. Until one night during a siege, Poseidon fury destroyed our ships. That was the night I saw it. It What did you see? The sea God commands more than just the winds and the waves when he truly unleashes his temper. I saw his beast, his murderous pet fuel, believe me. But this dead eye is a permanent reminder. Punishment for looking on Poseidon forbidden creature and Living to Tell the Tale.

So why would those men attacking you?

Oh, you know the people here? No offense. I tell them a tale of my last voyage. And the next thing I know that acting like a bunch of savages.

What’s tail? Could you tell that would make them so angry? My last

voyage, we found a man floating alone on a raft. Before he passed, he told us a tale to make your blog called something about a horrifying creature. Ugly beyond description. I mentioned the words one eyed monster. Next thing I know I’m drowning in a clay pot.

Yes, the Cyclops tends to take that personally. So you have a ship?

Of course. Gods forbid identif stuck in this place. What is it now? Thanks to you. It’s still in sunny Harbor, or I left it

perhaps the fates brothers together after all. I’m in need of a ship and the crew.

You saved my life. It will discuss the gods do not offer it in return. So that’s a yes. My ship. My crew and my services are yours.

You truly earned from around here.

Gods No. And I thank them for that. Come now and see the address there.

Once again. Cassandra didn’t just kill too many bad people. But she saved a poor man from getting drowned by the Cyclops. And finally she read Kefalonia of that monster What she didn’t know that she happened to save just the man she needed. She didn’t know if the gods were helping her. But Barnabas happened to be a captain with a ship and crew. What are the odds?

We are ready when you aren’t a captain.

Wait, wait to make us on the back the Navy, everything

you’re coming or you if you’re going, I’m going to fallone as the only place you’ve ever known. You’d leave your home.

I would if it meant staying with you.

Can’t go where I’m going. I need to be alone.

Who’s going to keep you company?

I’ll be fine.

If I can’t come then Takehara. Kara, my pet Eagle. She’s my friend. Matter gave her to me. But she’ll be your friend now. And it will be like I’m there with you. You know, to remind you of me. Thanks for me. Besides, I love Kenya to play with since you save that

go easy on her. She may still be shaky with a fever.

But you have to promise we’ll see each other again.

I promise. You haven’t seen the last of me. Just stay out of trouble until then.

I will. Don’t worry. Okay, you can leave now.

God Sandra. Leaving Kefalonia without saying goodbye to your dear Marcos. Tell me it isn’t true.

Well, you’re here now. So it won’t be true. That by Marcos

all these years as a dynamic duo. I’ll never replace you. Well, I may need another assistant someday, but it won’t be easy. calm now.

Give me a hug. Partners shake hands, the true

sign of a woman in business. And what does the future hold for you? Wine? Of course, though, you never know when the vines will wither. I’m always ready for another adventure. Speaking of adventure, I have a task for you dear Phoebe and adventure is already following in your footsteps? Isn’t she my friend?

ready to set sail?

Prepare to cast off. It’s time to live good.

The tides wait for neither man nor woman.

So now with a ship and crew Cassandra can go to mega Reese, but she had absolutely no idea that the wolf she was going to kill was her own father Nikolaos.

So what chords do we set? Where in this big beautiful world does the mighty Cassandra want to go? Mega is anybody’s but we’ll be sailing into war.

I got a contract for some generals head whose head they call him.

The wolf, the wolf, who wants Nikolaos of Sparta dead

Nikolaos of Sparta.

The Oracle has spoken prevents fire festival fall the child must fall first.


help us she will lead us.

She has paid for her dishonor for the life she has not. My name is Nicolas Nicolas Your blood is tainted trade yourself of this poison

get me to my galleries now.

But I don’t understand of all the places under the alias why it is called Lex to go there

the wolf of Sparta was my father

so that was the first episode from our series Assassin’s Creed the Odyssey the story is just amazing. And this is just the beginning whether you are gamers, and you may know the story, you may have played the game before, trust me, you will enjoy it the way I’m making it more than ever. And don’t forget, if you become a premium subscriber, you will get to see the video too. But for those who are not gamers, or for those who are gamers, but you haven’t played this game before, you’re in for a real treat, because this story is just amazing. And we’re going to explore every single bit of the story. And of course, I’m going to make some changes and edit stuff from the story to make it just as exciting as it should be. I hope you enjoyed the first episode of our series. And I hope you come back for more every week we’re going to have a new episode and next time we will have episode two and we will see what happens with this overdue reunion between Cassandra and her father. Don’t miss that and come back for more from your host the gamer bar. And let me tell you something about the bar part very soon we’re going to have that too. But I’m keeping it as a small surprise because we’re gonna have songs we’re gonna have poems set about Cassandra and other characters in the story. So stay tuned, follow this podcast, even share it if you want with the people you think might enjoy the story from this podcast and you will get all that thank you very much for listening. This is your host Danny. I will see you next time.

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