Challenge your grammar skills and knowledge by completing these sentences using the present simple or progressive based on real facts. Use the verb in parentheses.

Ice (melt) ______ at 32 degrees Fahrenheit/0 degrees Centigrade.

Cold water (cause) ______ fingernails to grow faster.

The average person (fall) ______ asleep in seven minutes.

Salt water (freeze) ______ at the same temperature as freshwater.

Our noses (grow) ______ longer as we age.

Our feet (become) ______ smaller as we age.

Red blood cells in our body (divide) ______ right now.

On average, a person (blink) ______ more than 20,000 times a day.

Honey (spoil) ______.

A cat (use) ______ its whiskers for hunting.

The earth (revolve) ______ around the moon right now.

The earth (get) ______ warmer according to scientists.

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