Poetry | Unfinished Love

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When you seek satisfaction, remember you are not the only one. Everyone else wants that, too. Men are like women, they both need love and affection, but when one is satisfied, the other may be not. This is your problem and I don’t want to get into that, but I will speak on behalf a woman in this poem, because no matter what you do, she is not a mere rabbit you can magically hide within a hat.

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The Poem | Unfinished Love

Every time you stare
With a blank face
and rootless eyes,
I see your fire
quickly burns out,
but smoldering still inside
is my desire.

another day,
I give a chance—
the sun what may
and the stars might fall
but the moon is there
waiting alone;
your rays on my skin shine,
That light you say is never mine.
Moonlight is all romance
yet it warms not the bones inside;
every time you light the spark,
I put out the broken fire;
every time we share a ride,
Halfway home naked you leave—

I stumble all my way back
stone by stone I cut my feet;
every time you sail
my vessel to any shore,
you leave me aboard
with nothing but the wind
striping me from my body—
A skeleton for your desires
that can sail every day
allowed to make land
but never ashore.
They’ve all told me not to ask
not to talk
not to speak
to murder my heart
and blunt my desire,
but look in my eyes today,
there is no shame in me—
no shame in a woman wanting more.


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