Have you been frustrated lately, especially when you see all your world closing down on you, don’t cry, for tomorrow will be better. It’s in your hands. Don’t cry, do something.

Enjoy the poem ‘Don’t Cry‘ — by D. H. Phoenix

Audio Episode


Don’t cry for what’s gone
Tears dropping aimlessly
Would always fall silently
Deep into the earless night

There are many chances to mourn
But only one to seize
You will outlive many storms
All it takes is one fine breeze
Only one slim chance to fight
I’d take it, half blind, a step
Toward a new land, a new dawn
Where the sun is but one thousand
And every man gets to choose his sun
Don’t say the deed is done
There are a few gasps of breath left
Spend them not on what you did not get
Your biggest prize may still lie ahead
To untangle you feet from the mud
To take the next tinily big step
To brush your teeth one more time
Perchance today you’ll need to shine
A light well covered but never spent
The dead days will never hear your wails
Did you not hear me? They’re dead!
You never walk, you’ll never have a journey
No drums to sound you glory; no winter tales
You bail on your destiny
Destiny never bails.

You have eyes to see me
You have ears to hear
You have brains to feel me
You feel me, there goes a tear
Don’t waste your tears on earless nights
The world, your chance, your glory awaits
Not on these papers you read by me
But out there on the road ahead.

Instead of sitting around listening to me
You could have done anything, instead.

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