Unless you want to love a saint, you know that I am a man. My mistakes are the ones that built me. My mistakes are who I am. I am not proud of any, but neither am I ashamed. I owe it to myself to love who I am and strive to be the best, but accept that I may never be. Take me for I am for I cannot be another man.

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The Poem | To Err Is Man

To err is man,
why can’t you forgive?
as perfect, I could never live
up to your perfection,
erasing all my errors
to get your attention,
yet a dandelion amidst the wind,
all fly away but my skin-—
my sin, entrenched in me like a scar
no matter how much I raise the bar,
I know I could never win—
not for the right I’ve bled to show
but the wrong I hid as I hid along
how could you love another man?

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