What is this poem about?

Today’s poem is called Not Black. You all know what that is about, and it was triggered by a certain event that happened not long ago. Another poem by Danny from Poetry Plus by Plus Podcast Network.

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Not Black

Did you really think you can get rid of me so easily, and I had no way of finding a way back? I won’t haunt you, you’re already possessed with too much hatred you have for me. Do you think I spare a moment to think about you? I have a life to live, people to love, things to give, what do you have? More things to take, more people to hate, more life to waste? You’re free to spend the last of your days in misery knowing you have not put  an end to my life, for yours have long been paused and now it is broken forever.

Not Black by Danny Ballan

They did not kill me, I’m back
Hovering above you
Not as an angel
But an idea
In the realm of thoughts
The vibes of genius all around
Not feeling home
But an equal to all.

The breath they took away is back
They did not kill me —
They could not
Next time you want to kill a man
Pack your erasers
For when blood transforms to ink
The ten pints are enough
To last forever.

They did not kill me, for being black
I could be white
If I had enough of their green bleach
And I teach that dollar is god
I could be white
But I’m black
And you think you’re done with me
But I’m back.

They did not kill me, I’m back
They did not kill me, for being black
They do not see
Beneath the skin a man
It’s an idea, you see
They cannot comprehend
Ideas are colorless
Ideas speak no languages
Ideas are not property
Ideas are free for all
Here all masters and slaves are kings
Come along and see
Ideas are white
Ideas are black
Ideas may go a while
But they always come back

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