What is this poem about?

Today’s poem is called Imperfect. It’s a poem about the kind of love my heart can give and the kind of relationship I can venture into. Another poem by Danny from Poetry Plus by Plus Podcast Network.

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Did you really expect that love would be that easy? That hearts are like what we have learned from movies and romances that sometimes are true, but most of the times not?

Did you really think you can change me and I you and forever live in that dream and forget about life?

Did you really think you can love and bathe in glory without even risking the breaking on your heart?

Really? Do you really think you love me?

Imperfect by Danny Ballan

If nothing can break our heart
Why would we love
The days are totally naught
If hours could not wear off

What’s yours is yours and I have mine
Bind ourselves? We were born free
A cheek goes dim, another shines
To live, the leaves must leave the tree

Storms would wash away our steps
So we never find our way back
The past’s a saddle, reins, a whip
From hereon in it’s any track

Don’t look me in the eyes and see
Too white around, inside too black
Imperfect I will always be
If you can’t hurt me, don’t love me back

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