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Today’s poem is called Come Take Away. The poem is about Juno, a character from one of my novels. The poem screenshots an important moment from her life. Another poem by Danny from Poetry Plus by Plus Podcast Network.

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Come Take Away

Juno comes back home after another glamorous party of hers. Everyone was so gracious. Everyone was so stunned. Her gifts to that phony world are well appreciated. She rushed back home to take off here fake eyelashes, her fake hair, her fake smile. She knew exactly who she were, but had to play the role of a lifetime. She had to get back at those who took everything from her. But when she gets home, she finds the last person she wants to see. She may never be ready to tell him the words she hid deep down her chest. The words choking her but will getting them out ever be a relief. She tried to forget all about that, but seeing her father in her house face to face after all these years brought it all back to her and she wonders what might he have come to take away from her this time. What might he take away?

Come Take Away by Danny Ballan

Come take away what’s never been mine—
It’s young enough to lay to waste 
But old enough to bear your gun.
Beyond the silk-threaded skin
Are bloody trenches filled with parts
That once belonged to one person whole—
That girl you thought one day you knew
Is a girl from there has long been gone.

Come take away what’s never been mine—
For whom do I fight and clench my fist?
For whom do I die and cut my wrist?
But for the woman in whom they all had doubts
I would have long surrendered 
And saved you all the trip and thoughts;
All your naked principles they finally joined— 
As sisters they wake up in the wrong era
And sleep in oblivion all the time.

Come take away what’s never been mine—
For love is dead and so is the sun
Standing still no light to tell
If all these rays rise from beneath 
like heaven was once in just one place 
and now it pours out down from hell.
Look deep beyond the clear blue eyes
In which I do too look, just a shade,
No more I have than what you do;
You dare not look as you can see
Nothing while there is life in me—
The lifeless face you one day killed
Is all you see and comprehend.

Come take away what’s never been mine—
And never yours or so you thought;
For just having that fun one night
You owned this flesh eternally— 
The life and dreams and all along,
A woman you failed to see it seems.
A lonely pawn in a manly game, 
Tossing around you thought was chess.

Come take away what a gun can take—
Or leave, I promise, my heart won’t break,
Nor will this rock within your chest.
For once for free, for once willingly, 
Come feel it pumping down my breasts—
Like a miracle I have finally seen, 
But long before me, there was you.
Come feel it like an eagle’s nest—
From miles away I have seen you,
Just leave before my babies wake
For then I will reach out and take
And do what you came here to do;
The piece of flesh you once forsook 
Enslaved your world with what she thought
Her weakest link as all foretold—
I, Juno, have enslaved your world,
All down to that woman I am.


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Danny is a podcaster, teacher, and writer. He worked in educational technology for over a decade. He creates daily podcasts, online courses, educational videos, educational games, and he also writes poetry, novels and music.

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