If you can’t find a god to believe in, make one and better yet, make all kneel before him and despair. Why do you have to find a god so quickly so that you become a believer tomorrow. It is a journey. You might spend your whole life looking for one, so be it, if it is that important, why can’t you be patient? Why would you look at the first thing bigger than yourself and follow that thing, and call god? The true God is much deeper lying within your heart, under layers and layers of rumors. You must reveal him one layer at a time and then your truth will shine from within for all the world to see. Stop following a new god every day and crucify the world for not believing in your god.

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The Poem | A Blind Believer

Rumors of a god
roaming around,
taking forms,
to be seen by all,
then seen no more—
let me follow
let me follow,
let me fall
in love with this new deity
of some unfathomable nature;
creature of the heavens
has been created,
or by hell;
it does not matter—
I have always worshipped
what’s more than me—
let me follow
let me follow,
let me fall
on my knees,
where I can spend my life
going about to please,
going about saying please;
for what I could have done
by myself,
now I have a god
to blame and hold
In contempt—
let me follow
let me follow,
let me fall
to the land of the spirit-honed;
to keep their heads,
they have their minds boned
like a skeleton— all life is gone
but for this cheesy grin—
let me follow
let me follow,
let me fall;

my heart is broken—
my older deity promised
not to break my heart;
many years, and the pieces lying around,
he did not have enough divinity to mend;
he told me it only took my humanity—
I did not buy;
get me another god that can bend
to my mortal wishes and whims,
to my ego and selfishness
in being the only one for whom he attends,
and I will follow this god—
let me follow
let me follow,
let me fall;
for no longer do I believe
I am a god;
no longer do I perceive
I am immortal—
I trusted god after god
to bring back my divinity,
but that defeated the purpose.
Let me do it one more time,
swallow my pride and believe
the rumors of a new god—
let me follow
let me follow,
let me fall.

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