Everything You’ve ever Wanted Is on the Other Side of Fear

Picture this: you’ve stumbled on that dream job description, and it seems tailored just for you. Everything’s perfect, except… something gnaws at the back of your mind. Should you apply? You know you could excel, but what if you fall short? Or take a different scenario – you’ve always wanted to ask someone on a date, but the terror of rejection feels paralyzing.

Sound familiar? That’s the voice of fear, and every so often, it snakes into our lives. In those moments, the words of George Addair feel like a challenge: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

The Power of the Quote

This quote isn’t about recklessly leaping into every terrifying situation. Instead, it’s a reminder that growth and personal fulfillment frequently sit outside our comfort zones. Many of life’s most amazing rewards – career advancement, fulfilling relationships, self-discovery – require us to face down our fears, or at least not let them control us.

When to Channel the Quote’s Spirit

Use this quote as a mantra in these situations:

  • Hesitation at the Crossroads: When a decision or opportunity presents a path that makes you both excited and terrified. The challenge then lies in figuring out whether that fear is valid or hindering progress.
  • The Need for Personal Growth: If you find yourself feeling stagnant or stuck, channeling Addair’s wisdom might push you to break old patterns and step into unknown but potentially fruitful spaces.
  • Moments of Self-Doubt: When we grapple with low confidence, we tend to retreat. Recalling this quote helps us remember that success isn’t the absence of fear, but forward movement in spite of it.

Cautions: When Not to Apply the Quote

It’s essential to clarify that this quote should never be used in situations where:

  • Real Safety is at Stake: It’s reckless to dismiss genuine signs of danger. This isn’t about suppressing intuition or warning signals.
  • Others are Involved: Encouraging someone facing emotional or physical risks in relationships and social connections can be damaging and minimize real anxieties.
  • Mental Health Challenges: Anxiety and self-doubt stemming from deep-rooted issues warrant professional help, not just platitudes about facing fear.


George Addair is believed to be the originator of this quote, but pinpointing its first use proves tricky. Regardless, the quote’s spirit echoes throughout human history. From mythology to modern self-help, the theme of courageously defying fear to gain rewards is universally resonant.


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