Do you want to learn about the different types of meeting, what word combination we can use with the word ‘meeting’, especially verbs we can use with it, and finally how to express your opinion of how a meeting goes? You will learn all about these things in this new Business English Episode from English Plus Podcast.

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Types of Meeting

Word Combinations with ‘meeting’

  • What if you want to organize a meeting. what verbs do you use?
    You say arrange, set up or fix a meeting.
  • What if you want to make a meeting earlier than originally decided?
    You say bring forward a meeting.
  • What if you want to make a meeting later than originally planned?
    You say put back, put off or postpone a meeting.
  • What if you decide not to have a meeting?
    You call off or cancel a meeting.
  • What if are in charge of a meeting?
    You run or chair a meeting.
  • What if you go to a meeting?
    You attend a meeting.
  • What if you don’t go to a meeting?
    You miss a meeting.

Types of Meeting

  • What do you want to have an informal discussion with colleagues at the coffee machine? It’s still a type of meeting, but what do you call that type of meeting?
    You call that a chat (meeting).
  • What if you want to meet with colleagues and the purpose of this meeting is to produce as many ideas as possible just to evaluate the ideas later, what do you call that type of meeting?
    You call that a brainstorming.
  • What if the meeting includes employees involved in a particular activity or project?
    You call that a project or a team meeting.
  • What if it gets a little bigger than that and it involves everyone in the department?
    You call that a department or departmental meeting.
  • What if you want to meet with suppliers to negotiate prices for an order, for example?
    Well that’s straightforward. It’s called a meeting with suppliers.
  • What about meeting with a customer to discuss a contract, for example?
    This is just the same thing. It’s called meeting with a customer.
  • What about the big meeting, the very formal one of a company’s directors?
    This is is called a board meeting.
  • What about the meeting when shareholders discuss the company’s annual report?
    Well, in the US, they call this meeting the annual meeting, but the UK, they call it the AGM – The annual general meeting.
  • What about when shareholders meet to discuss an important issue such as a proposed merger of some crisis, and it is not the regular AGM?
    Well, this is called the EGM – the extraordinary general meeting.

How Was the Meeting?

Based on the effectiveness of the meeting and of course the personal opinion of people, there might be different opinions on how the meeting went. Here are some examples of what people may say after a meeting.

I thought it was very productive.

this is positive feedback saying that you have achieved a lot in the meeting.

Well, I thought it was a waste of time. I heard nothing I didn’t already know.

This is negative feedback you can say when you believe the meeting has achieved nothing.

I felt we had some very useful discussions. We certainly covered a lot of ground. We got through an incredible number of things.

This is positive feedback. You mean the meeting has achieved a lot and you handled or discussed a lot of the issues you want to discuss.

As usual, John was rambling and kept wandering off the point. He just uses meetings as a chance to show off.

This is negative feedback. You are talking about a particular person who wasted time talking about irrelevant things just to show off.

The chair really kept things moving – she encouraged people to stick to the point by keeping things brief.

This is posisitve feedback saying the the char ran the meeting successfully by not letting people wander off the point and also by keeping the meeting as short as possible.


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