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Welcome to episode seven in our business English marketing mini series. We will talk about the fourth P in the four marketing piece. The four pillars of marketing. The first was the product, the price, the place. And now for this episode, promotion. We will talk about advertising. We will talk about the Salesforce and some promotional activities.

[00:00:27] Now, before we start, let me remind you that you can practice the things you’re learning in the PDF downloadable booklet that I have included with this mini series. You can find the booklet on our website, English plus or on our Patrion page. Oh, that being said, let’s move directly to advertising and start talking about the forest.

[00:00:45] Be in the four pillars of marketing promotion. Now, remember we said earlier that advertising is usually thought of as marketing or the only thing as marketing marketing is advertising. No advertising is just one part of marketing and it comes in the part of promotion. But talk about advertising. Of course it is an essential part of marketing and it is a very important part of marketing, but it comes in different ways.

[00:01:11] We can have advertisements in different forms. They can be classified advertisements in newspapers. They can be billboards or what is called in British English. Open air hoardings. These of course are the big signs you can see on the streets. And they can be neon signs or they can be special. This place, like in appliance stores, you can see the washing machines, the TVs, you can see them.

[00:01:33] Those are special displays of the products that is also a form of advertising. And then we have the TV commercials, things you can see on TV that tell you about good products, whatever, why you should buy this, why should buy this TV commercials? And of course there is social media marketing, and that might be nowadays one of the most important ways to advertise.

[00:01:52] But these are different ways of advertising. Of course, there might be other ways, but these are the main ways of advertising. Now let’s talk about advertisements. When they come in a series, a series of advertisements for a particular company or product is an advertising campaign. So what is the advertising campaign?

[00:02:09] That’s a series of advertisements for a particular company or a product. A person or business that advertises is called an advertiser with an E not or advertiser, an organization that designs and manages advertising. There are some organizations or companies like that, and these are called advertising agencies.

[00:02:31] So an advertising agency is an organization that designs and manages advertising. Now another form of advertising is sponsorship where companies sponsor events like concerts and sports events by paying some of their costs or paying for their products to be displayed that is called sponsorship. And that is also a form of advertising.

[00:02:54] So advertising is not always just DV or special displays or newspapers or social media marketing, or there can be other types of advertising. Sponsorship is just another example. Now I need to give you a note here about the word advertisement in American, English, and advertisement in British English.

[00:03:13] Now in both American English and British English, we can use the short form and say, add instead of advertisement, we can say add, but in American English, we either say ad or advertisement. But in British English, we have add, we have advert and we have advertisement, but American English, they don’t say advertisement.

[00:03:33] They say advertisement. I just wanted to tell you about this. So when you hear advertisement or advertisement, it’s the same thing. It just one in British English and one in American English. Now of course we’re talking about promotion and promotion is not all advertisement. Promotion is about the people as well.

[00:03:49] The sales force. A company, Salesforce it’s salesmen and sales women visit or phone customers and purse. You weight them to buy its products. Each member of this sales force has his or her own sales area or sales territory. And that is when they are responsible for a particular region. That is what we call sales area or sales territory.

[00:04:13] Now the head of the sales force is called the sales manager. So advertisement is a big part of promotion, but of course we have the people who work in sales as well. These are also a big part of the promotion of a product. The people who try to sell the product to other people. And then let’s talk about the promotional activities promotion, which is an uncountable number can refer to all the activities designed to support the sale of a product, including advertising.

[00:04:39] So that is promotion in general as an uncountable now, but when we talk about a promotion and here it is accountable now, as you can see, because we said a promotion that’s a little bit different. It is part of promotion in general, but a promotion can describe. Uh, special offers such as a discount or reduced price, a free sample, like a small amount of the product to try or taste a free gift, giving away with a product or a competition with prizes.

[00:05:06] These are all promotions and these are all a promotion can be a promotion. We are running up promotion. That is something that is one thing that we can count. But promotion in general. That is the uncountable now of promotion can refer to all the activities designed to support the sale of a product, including advertising.

[00:05:26] Now we have a lot of promotional activities and different ways people, and they can get creative actually in their promotional activities. Now supermarkets, for example, chain stores and airlines, they offer loyalty cards, loyalty cards. What does that mean? The more you spend, the more points you get and you can exchange these points for free goods or flights, if it is an airline.

[00:05:47] So this promotional activity is called loyalty cards, or it’s done by means of loyalty cards. We also have a cross promotion. And that is where you buy one product and you are recommended to buy another product. For example, a washing machine with a recommendation for a particular brand of washing powder that is across promotion advertisements, where famous people recommended the product, our product endorsements, and then there’s the product placement.

[00:06:16] And that is when a company pays for its products to be used or seen in films and TV programs. For example, That is also called product placement. So that being said, these are the promotional activities. Remember when we talk about promotion, we’re not just talking about advertising. Advertising is just one form of promotion.

[00:06:35] One important form of promotion, one important part of promotion, but we have the Salesforce and we have some other promotional activities that are included in the promotion. The general thing. That refers to the activities designed to support the sale of a product. Now, that being said, that’ll be all that I have to say about promotion.

[00:06:54] Remember we still have one more episode from our mini series about business English marketing, and that is e-commerce. Don’t miss that and listen to the final episode in our mini series. And you will have a good idea about everything that has to do with marketing in a business English context. If you want to practice what you’re learning here, remember that you can use the PDF downloadable booklet that I have provided with the mini series.

[00:07:17] You can find the booklet on our website, English plus or on our Patrion page. So use the booklet and practice the things you’ve learned so that you don’t forget them in the future. With that being said, thank you very much for listening to another episode from our business English marketing mini series. [00:07:32] This is your host, Danny. I will see you again in the final episode of the mini series talking about e-commerce see you next time.

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