The Odyssey Episode 02 | The Odyssey Begins

Alexios was not meant to stay a mere mercenary in the middle of nowhere for long. First, he needs to deal with the Cyclops and his thugs, but then he is meant to face his past and create his own destiny, which will eventually shape the destiny of the entire Greek world.
Alexios will meet the creepy Elpenor of Kirrha in this episode, and Elpenor will give Alexios a task that will put aside the mercenary and have Alexios become the man he was born to be.

Chickens | Short Reads

Chickens | Short Reads

Have you ever watched baby chickens hatch? You can see them on farms and at many children’s zoos.
The baby chick is inside a shell. It pecks at the shell for a while, and then it rests. When the chick has pecked away enough of the shell, it breaks out. Baby chickens are covered with soft down.

Great Mysteries Series | Episode 05

Great Mysteries Series | Episode 05

Introduction Despite sciences’ amazing advances in the past century, we are still in the dark about some of the basic facts in life. For example, what is hiding in the sea? Why do we age and die? These are still mysteries and we will talk about these two questions and...

The Last of Us Episode 02 | Only Surviving

Welcome to English Plus Learning Video Series, The Last of Us Episode 1, All Is Lost. You will watch the first episode of The Last of Us Learning Video Series and you will learn a few words and expressions as you watch. What seemed to be a happy birthday night turned out to be full of horror, heartache, and loss.

Crazy Horse | Short Reads

Crazy Horse | Short Reads

Crazy Horse grew up riding horses and hunting buffalo. But it was his bravery and daring in battle that earned him the name Crazy Horse. This was also his father’s name.
Crazy Horse was one of the greatest Native American chiefs. When the United States government tried to force Native Americans to live on reservations, Crazy Horse fiercely defended his people’s land and way of life.

The Witcher Wild Hunt Episode 01 | Witchers, Monsters and Dreams

The life of a witcher may be full of contracts and monster killing, but Geralt of Rivia has a lot more in his destiny. We will meet Geralt in this first episode from English Plus The Witcher 3 Video Series in his quest to find Yennifer and Ciri. There will be dreams, visions, monsters and our hero, the witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia. We will also learn a lot of English along the way, and you can practice all you’re going to learn in this video on the website, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to have fun, enjoy a great story and learn English.

Ballet | Short Reads

Ballet | Short Reads

BALLET Raise your arms and bring your fingers together over your head. Now lift one foot, point your toes, and strike a pose. You are doing ballet. Ballet is a form of dance with graceful steps and arm movements as well as leaps and spins. We also use the word ballet...

Mafia 1 Episode 01 | An Offer You Can’t Refuse

A cabbie’s life was not that easy back in the 1930s as it is not today, but for Tommy Angelo, he was a straight guy, and he didn’t want to get himself into trouble with gangsters’ life, but on a fateful night on one of his late shifts, everything was going to change and his life was never to be simple anymore. Welcome to the first episode of English Plus Mafia 1 series | An Offer You Can’t Refuse. We will meet Tommy Angelo in this series, and we will learn a lot of English along the way, and there’s a lot of practice on the website, so you can go there after you watch the video and take your English to the next level.

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