Special Reports | Women’s Rights

Special Reports | Women’s Rights

In our Special Report and in celebration of the International Women’s Day, we will talk about Women’s Rights in history. How the movement started, evolved, the rights women got, and the status of women’s rights today.

The Gamer Bard | The Odyssey Episode 01 | Just a Mercenary

Join me on this great journey with Kassandra from the Odyssey. Assassin’s Creed’s The Odyssey is going to be our first series in The Gamer Bard podcast. In the first episode, we’ll meet Kassandra, the simple mercenary on an island in the middle of nowhere, but here destiny is much bigger than this small island. It is going to be as big as the entire Greek world, but for now, she’s just a mercenary.

Of Chess and Life | Are You a King?

Of Chess and Life | Are You a King?

You don’t have to be a chess player, or even a fan to know if you are a king or not. In this Of Chess and Life episode, I will only help you answer this simple question and here I insist on addressing this question to both men and women, are you a king?

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