Learn about the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis and other mysteries in The Greatest Mysteries of the World, a new series from English Plus Podcast. A new series that will fire up your imagination and lead you to think about some unanswered questions in science, people, history, religion, myth and more.

Audio Episode

How did the ancient Egyptians build the Great Pyramid?

What was the purpose of Stonehenge?

Was King Arthur a real British Lord?

Was there ever a female pope?

Are UFOs really alien spaceships?

Is there a curse on the Bermuda Triangle?

Are some animals immortal?

Why do we sleep?

What is the use of hiccups?

Was there a real city of Atlantis?

Comprehension Check

Answer the following questions based on what you understood from The Greatest Mysteries of the World Episode 01.

What is the greatest mystery of the Great Pyramid?
Which is NOT one of these meaning were assigned to the Stonehenge?
According to medieval chroniclers, how was the Pope revealed to be a woman?
What is NOT true about UFOs?
Where is the Bermuda Triangle?
Why are the turritopsis nuticula (Benjamin Button jellyfish) considered kind of immortal?
Why do we sleep?
What is true about hiccups?
Who was the first to tell the story of Atlantis?
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