How Much Do You Know about Marketing and Markets?

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For each definition, choose the correct word or phrase.

Providing money to cultural or sporting activities in exchange for advertising rights.

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A business which specializes in giving advice and support to companies about marketing and markets.

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An economy which allows open and reasonably free exchange between private companies.

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A market in which there are too many suppliers producing similar products.

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A market in which there are few suppliers producing goods that a lot of people want to buy.

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A company which sells more of a particular type of product than its competitors.

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A person who uses their specialist knowledge of a specific market to try to explain what has happened and predict what will happen.

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A specific promotional activity over a limited period of time.

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The activity of moving goods from the producer to the consumer.

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The activity of selling goods to other countries.

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The proportion of the total market which one company controls.

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What a company or organization says it intends to do for its customers/clients and the community.

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Professional English Business Marketing Quiz | Marketing, Marketing People and Markets
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