Vocabulary Quiz | Adjectives to Describe People

Jan 25, 2022

Choose the best answer.

She doesn't think about anything seriously or have any deep feelings. She's so ______.

He's always ______. He's never in a hurry and he's always calm.

She's the most ______ person in the school. Everybody likes her.

He's very ______. If he says he'll do something, then he does it.

She's very ______. She never complains about the pain she is in all the time.

She always tells the truth. She's very ______.

He's a very ______ teacher. He doesn't get cross even when he has to repeat something three times.

They were very ______ when we said they could stay in our house while we were away.

He never drinks and drives. He's too ______ to do something silly like that.

She's going to travel around the world for six months on her own. She must be very ______.

She always has fun at parties because she's so bright and ______.

He never smiles and always looks ______. I don't know what his problem is.

She's only seventeen but she seems much older. She's very ______ for her age.

He makes her ______ when he looks at other girls.

He looks ______. Why does she always wear such strange clothes?

She's always ______ and friendly. You always feel welcome at her house.

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