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What Do You Know about Hades?

Maybe, Hades is the name linked to fear and darkness in Greek myths. Although there aren’t many myths including Hades as their hero or villain, his presence is felt in almost every single Greek myth, especially the mention of his house, or realm, the underworld. However, as you have listened to some information about Hades, let me check your understanding of some of the information you have listened to in the audio podcast and maybe, I will venture a little bit more and ask you more questions related to this episode, and some of the earlier Myths and Legends episodes related to this one. Come, let’s check your knowledge and understanding of Myths and Legends – The Olympian Gods – Hades and co.

Check Your Understanding

Who is Hades' father?

Which of the following is not among Hades' siblings?

Who guarded the gates of the underworld not to let anyone leave?

How did Hades and Persephone become husband and wife?

Which of the following is correct about the way ancient Greeks thought of the afterlife?

Which of these statement is true about the division of realms between the three major Olympian gods?

Why did Zeus insist to get Persephone back to her mother?

One of these artists did not use Hades as a subject.

Why did the Greeks used to put two drachmae on the eyes of their dead?

How many heads does Cerberus have?

I hope you enjoyed listening to the episode and don’t forget about the question at the end of the episode. I will write it again so that you have a chance to think about it and share your answer in the comment section below or on Twitter if you like.

What Do You Think?

What do you think the myth of Hades suggests about how ancient Greeks and Romans viewed the afterlife? How does this compare with other, more modern views of the afterlife? #EnglishPlusPodcast
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