Word Power | Geometry

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Word Power | Geometry

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Learn geometry words that you can use in your everyday English in this new Word Power episode from English Plus Podcast.

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When two roads do this there is often a stop sign or a stop light to keep cars from running into each other. It begins with the prefix inter-, meaning "between" or "together."


This is the shape of a basketball, an orange, and the world itself. It comes from the Greek word sphaira.


It begins with the prefix circum-, meaning "around." A fence built on this part of a yard will keep a pet inside the yard.


This word comes from the Greek word parallelos, meaning "beside one another." This word could be used to describe the lines on your writing paper.


This word describes angles of less than 90°. It comes from the Latin word acutus but has nothing to do with being pretty.


This word describes angles that measure between 90° and 180°. It comes from the Latin word obtusus.


This word describes the relationship of two lines that form a right angle. It contains the Latin word pendere.


The word horizontal means "level." This adjective from the Latin word vertex means the opposite of horizontal.


Two shapes that match each other exactly are said to be this, a word that comes from congruere, Latin for "to agree."


This adjective comes from the noun cylinder. It could be used to describe a pipe or a barrel.



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