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Hello and welcome to English Plus podcast! I’m Danny, and today let’s tackle a challenge so many of us face – the fear of public speaking. You know that heart-pounding, sweaty palms feeling? It can be enough to make you want to avoid any speaking opportunity at all costs. But here’s the secret: those nerves can actually fuel a great performance!

Understanding Your Nerves

Our bodies have this ancient “fight or flight” response designed to kick in during dangerous situations. While once helpful for dodging saber-toothed tigers, it’s less useful when you’re facing a room full of colleagues. The good news is, we can retrain our brains to interpret those nerves differently. Instead of seeing them as a threat, view them as a sign of excitement, of your body saying, “This matters to you, so let’s do this right!”

Tips to Manage Nerves

Here are a few techniques to transform those nerves into positive energy:

  • Deep Breaths: Focus on taking slow, deep breaths from your belly. This signals to your body that it’s safe, calming your racing heart and mind.
  • Visualize Success: Close your eyes and see yourself delivering your speech with confidence. Picture the audience engaged, nodding along, even smiling or applauding. This positive visualization tricks your brain into believing it’s already a reality.
  • Positive Talk: Replace those negative thoughts we all have (“I’m going to forget everything!”) with phrases like “I’ve researched this, I’m prepared, and I can do this.” This empowering self-talk lessens anxiety and boosts confidence.
  • Preparation is Key: There’s no substitute for knowing your material inside and out. Practice your speech repeatedly – in the mirror, for a friend, even record yourself to identify areas for improvement. This thorough preparation builds your confidence muscle.

Want More?

If you’re ready to completely master public speaking – from managing nerves to captivating your audience – check out my full webinar on the topic. You’ll find in-depth techniques, real-life examples, and interactive exercises. Find it on Patreon or on English Plus via Apple Podcasts.

Remember, your voice and your ideas are important. Don’t let fear hold you back! Keep practicing, trust the process, and let those nerves propel you towards becoming a dynamic and engaging speaker.

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