Last time Alexios learned that his father is in Megaris and he was given a contract to kill him, what will happen in today’s father-son reunion. Listen, watch and learn with Assassin’s Creed The Odyssey episode 2: Overdue Reunion from English Plus Podcast and DanRPG.

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I was given a contract to kill my own father, Nikolaos, the wolf of Sparta. It seems that the loss of his children didn’t affect his military prowess or ambitions. He is apparently one of the most feared Spartan generals out there. I don’t know if Elpenor gave me this specific contract by mere coincidence, or if he knows exactly who he is sending me to kill, but that doesn’t matter now. All I care about is to stand face to face in front of the father that failed to protect me or my sister. I still don’t get the Spartan stupid laws although I understand what they are. How could a father ever do that to his own children. I don’t know what I’m going to do to him when I see him. I may kill him with or without a contract. I have arrived in Megaris to find an Athenian blockade near the harbor. I am not doing that for the Spartans, I owe them nothing, but the Athenians are just in the way of my overdue reunion.
After Talking to Stentor
I saw my father there on the beach like a peacock, but I have to say, the same great general he’s ever been, I was about to approach him and talk to him when I was stopped by that Stentor. It seems that children are as easy to replace in Sparta like spears and swords. This Stentor holds Nikolaos in high regard, but I’m not concerned about him. If this is indeed my replacement, Nikolaos’ taste has definitely deteriorated over the years. Anyway, he’s standing now between me and the wolf, and I don’t want to fight my way to get to him. I will play this Stentor’s way. I didn’t tell him who I was. I told him I was just a mercenary, and as he was impressed with my clearing the Athenian blockade, he wanted more.
Sparta was keen on taking Megaris, but to fight head on right now is not a very wise choice. They want to soften up the Athenian’s hold on Megaris, and it seems I was the right man for the job. I will kill Athenians, not because I’m a Spartan, but because right now, they’re standing between me and the wolf. Maybe, if I impress him, I can secure a private audience with him after the battle is won, but there are many things to be done before I get this chance.
First, I headed to the Port of Nisaia to destroy the Athenian war supplies, and those Athenians are not like the Cyclops thugs, they are an army, well-trained, well-provisioned, but nothing will keep me from that overdue reunion with the wolf of Sparta.
After Burning the War Supplies in the Port of Nisaia
I destroyed the Athenian supplies and killed many Athenian soldiers along the way, which seems a thing Stentor wanted me to do. Whatever he asked me to do, I’m doing more. I want to impress him and his wolf. Now I have to go and steal the nation treasure to deprive the Athenians on Megaris of the money they need direly to maintain the loyalty of their soldiers for the big battle is coming. I just hit them a couple more times where it really hurts, and at the same time, I will keep some of the drachmae I find there. The nation treasure is inside the heavily-fortified fort of Graneria, but again, nothing will stop me from my overdue reunion with the wolf of Sparta.
After Stealing the Nation Treasure
Now there was one last task Stentor wanted me to do. He wants me to kill the Athenian leader in Megaris, and that will complete his preparations of the battle. You see the Spartans are not like what you were told in stories. They are not dumb brutes that just face their enemies head-on like Leonidas did with his 300 brave soldiers. I know what he did was brave, but it was also clever. It bought us the Greeks time to prepare ourselves to fight back, and we won this fight, did we not. I know we did. I am carrying with me the spear of that hero. I am still carrying the broken spear of Leonidas, my grandfather. The Spartans are no fools, they play the game of war pretty well. They’re as cunning as anybody and they’re strong, too. So this Athenian leader was the last errand Stentor sent me to do. But that coward was not in his house, he was sitting outside the city, and I could easily mistake him for a beggar.
After Killing the Athenian Leader
Now that I have completed all the tasks Stentor wanted me to do, I headed back to see him and go to battle with him against the Athenians. I have been a mercenary for a long time, but I have never been in a full-scale battle before. But whatever this battle is like, I will do what I do best. Maybe, it’s my curse, but it is the curse that saved my life. I am who I am.
After the Battle
Finally, I am their hero, so Nikolaos sent for me and he wants to see me alone. Perfect! But what am I going to say or do to him. I have waited for this moment for so long, but now I don’t really know what I am going to do when I see him. All those memories are flashing in my head. I don’t know what I am going to do.
After Talking to the Wolf
As much as I wanted to kill him, I couldn’t even though I know now that he is not my real father. As if my life was not complicated already. But I don’t really care now about who my father is. I thought it was Nikolaos, but if he abandoned me and my sister on of that mountain years ago, my real father did the same even before that. I just care about one thing now. My mother is alive, or at least that’s what Nikolaos thinks. Well, he might be a cold-hearted bastard, but he’s never a liar. I headed back to the ship to talk to Barnabas. It’s good to have a loyal friend in this treacherous world.
After Talking to Barnabas
I know that I should set sail right away and go try to find my mother, but first, I have to pay that snake a visit. I am certain that Elpenor knew exactly who I was and that Nikolaos was my father. Why would he do that? I need to pay that snake a visit and get some answers. Something tells me that Elpenor knows a lot more than I imagine. Who knows? He might even know where my mother is. I have the Wolf’s helmet, so I’ll pretend I completed the contract, and I will see what information I can squeeze out of this snake. Nikolaos warned me; he told me to beware of snakes in the grass. Ahhh. Nikolaos is still that traditionalist Spartan fool, but I believe he still cares. He’s always cared.
After Talking to Elpenor
I didn’t know Elpenor could be that malicious, but I won’t be surprised if I find out more shocking things about that snake; he even knew that Nikolaos was not my real father. How could he ever know something like that? He managed to flee, that coward. But those guards that attacked me were not regular thugs or bodyguards, and the mask they were wearing are strange. Maybe, I should take Barnabas’s advice and go see the Pythia while I am still here in Phokis, and who knows? That Pythia might even help me find Myrrine, my mother, .

Comprehension Check

Let's check how much you remember from what happened in The Odyssey episode 2.

Where did Alexios go to see his father?

Who blockaded the shores of Megaris?

Why didn't Alexios go see his father immediately after he arrived in Megaris?

Which of these are NOT among the tasks Alexios did for Stentor?

Based on what you have seen so far, how would you describe Alexios' fighting style?

What happened after Alexios finished the three tasks Stentor asked him to do?

What is the most shocking thing that Alexios learned from Nikolaos?

What is the most probable reason why Alexios did not kill Nikolaos?

Who did Alexios talk to immediately after talking to Nikolaos?

Why didn't Alexios kill Elpenor?

Which of the following is NOT true about Elpenor?

What will Alexios probably do next?

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