Fallout 4 Episode 2 | New Friends

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In this episode from our Fallout 4 series, I find some people in Concord that need my help, and I learn something about Shaun, which gives me hope but it is not as simple as I imagined; it’s not going to be a very long way because Shaun is not the only person needs saving. There are a lot more people who need help, too.

Audio Podcast

Video Episode

Comprehension Check

Choose the best answers that reflect your understanding of what happened in Fallout 4 Episode 2 | New Friends

What is Concord like?

Who does Danny find inside the Museum of Freedom?

Who did the power armor on the roof belong to?

Which is NOT true about the bandits?

Where does Danny go immediately after helping the people in Concord?

What will probably happen in episode 3?

Why would Danny want to go to Diamond city?

What are ghouls?


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