Fallout 4 Episode 1 | The World Falls Apart

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I finally had the chance to live a normal life, away from war and the heartache of knowing that you have nothing under control and that you survive to satisfy the random rate of death in wars, but war never changes, and people who start wars never change either. Things started to change for the worse and now a total nuclear fallout is imminent.

I was enjoying another regular day at home with my wife and son when it happened. We were among the lucky few to have a place in the local vault and we got there in time, but my world falls apart as I witnessed the most horrifying crime inside the safety of the vault, more atrocious than all the crimes committed above.

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Comprehension Check

Choose the option the best answer the questions below:

What am I doing at the beginning of the episode?
What are vaults that Vault-Tec is trying to sign me in?
What happened in the vault? Check all that apply.
How long did I stay in the vault?
What was the world like when I got out of the vault?
What am I going to do in the next episode?
What do I mean by saying "Peace became a distant memory"? Choose the best answer.
What does the salesman mean by saying "Where you can wait out the horrors of nuclear devastation."? Choose the best answer.
How do you describe my final remark to the salesman, " Now I cannot wait for the world to end!"?
What do I mean when I said to Codsworth that my wife is "in a better place"?

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