Now that Kellogg is dead, the only way to learn anything is hack into his memories. In Fallout 4 Episode 4, The Memories of an Assassin, we will get a step closer to Shaun, but not without having to go to the most dangerous places in the Commonwealth to get help and do some crazy things, all to learn a way to find a way into The Institute where Shaun is being held.

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So I got carried away and killed Kellogg before learning from him where the Institute is. All I know now is that Shaun is there and no matter what it takes, I will find my way in this Insitute. Nick suggested talking to Piper who’s been investigating the Institute for a while. Who knows? Maybe, she has some information that can lead us to someone who may help us. Nick and I headed to Diamond City to talk to Piper. Maybe, we can find some answers there.

Between Talking to Piper and Going to Goodneighbor
So Dr. Amari may help us retrieve some memories from the mind of that Assassin. Maybe, that will show us a way into the Institute. It is a long shot. I only have a piece of Kellogg’s brain. Well, It’s actually some weird cybernetics piece. I don’t know if that will help, but Nick thinks it is useful. So, we headed to Goodneighor, which something tells me that it does not live up to its name, but I’m used to all good neighbors in this god-forsaken wasteland. Maybe, all of this is a waste of time, but what would a father do if he knew there was but a slight chance to see his son again, I would go see Dr. Amari, I would go see the devil himself if need be. I just hope we get some lead, something that may show us the way into this mysterious bogeyman of the Commonwealth. We arrived at Goodneighbor and as I expected, there was no great hospitality to be expected in there. My guns were always ready, but I learned to avoid a fight if I don’t have to. And to my shame, most of the time, I do it just to save ammo, not life. Shame on me!

In the Memories of an Assassin
So now I’m going to explore the memories of an assassin, the assassin that killed my wife and abducted my child.

After the Memory Den on the Road to Virgil
I have never forgotten that fateful day in Vault 111, but to see it back from the perspective of that psychopath was just surreal. Although the memories were so painful for me, but I could see some painful memories from Kellogg’s life himself. I am not trying to sympathize with Kellogg, but I am definitely judging him less. Would I have done the same if I had been in his position? Would I have become a cold-blooded murderer. Maybe not, I have been through a tragedy myself and I haven’t become Kellogg, or have I? How many people have I killed so far to get to my son? I don’t know if this Memory thing is playing tricks on my mind, but I know for sure that this boundary between right and wrong hasn’t been hazier. Sometimes, I feel that I can’t see it anymore.
Well, we haven’t exactly learned how to get into the Institute, but at least we learned a couple of things that may help us. First, they use teleportation, and that’s why no one really knows where the Institute is or how to get into it because it simply doesn’t have a door with a sign that reads “Welcome to the Institute” it is hidden somewhere and the only way to get in is to hack their teleportation technology. We have also learned of this scientist who escaped from the Institute. His name is Virgil. I am going to see him to find out if he knows anything about this teleportation technology, but the problem is where he chose to hide in the Commonwealth. It’s called the glowing sea, and it’s been called that for a good reason. The place is still highly radiated. I have adapted to withstand radiation at low levels as it exists almost everywhere in the Commonwealth, but I don’t think I can survive the radiation in the Glowing Sea. Fortunately, I have been building this Power Armor for some time and now it comes in handy. It can protect me from the radiation there.
I didn’t want to take Nick with me this time although radiation is not a problem for him because hearing Kellogg speaking through Nick kind of freaked me out. He just needs some time to get back to normal, I guess.

Between the Children of Atom and Virgil
Well, the Glowing Sea is such a place. Highly radiated creatures, stronger than their kin you can find in other places in the Commonwealth, and there were some new creatures, too. But none of these creatures really shocked me as much as those I found deep within the Glowing Sea, a cult of sorts, worshiping Atom. They believe Atom is a God. With all the insanity I have seen in the Commonwealth since I woke up in Vault 111, only humans can think of such a stupid idea, I mean, worshiping atom, are you serious, guys? But I needed information from them. I just want to know where Virgil is and I will leave them to their madness.

Between Virgil, the Courser and Back to Amari
So Virgil is obviously a super mutant. This is the first super mutant I see who hasn’t tried to kill me at first sight. Well, Virgil seems to be reasonable and clever. He does not know exactly how to hack the Institute’s teleportation technology, but at least he knows what needs to be done.
He told me I have to kill a courser. Well, that would be my first courser to kill, and it seems that these coursers are the Institute’s secret mega weapon, not like the synths I killed when I went after Kellogg. Coursers look like human beings, but they are killing machines, which are much faster and stronger than humans and regular synths combined. I guess I’m in for a big fight, but that doesn’t scare me. It can’t be worse than what I have seen in the Commonwealth so far, but I have to be extra careful.
Well, the trick is to find that courser, and here is when Virgil was really handy. He told me I could track the courser using radio frequencies and he also told me where to look, so I went there and followed the signal that got stronger and stronger until I got to that abandoned building, but when I went in, it seemed that I was not the only one attacking that courser. I wish I could say that I was able to ally with those inside to kill the courser together, but they started shooting at me, so once again, I had to kill my way through to get to that courser.
That courser was not easy to kill, but after killing it, I thought to myself, if they call that courser a killing machine, what would that make me? Interesting huh? Maybe I was becoming something even worse. I don’ know. But now that I have killed the courser, I went straight back to Dr. Amari with that courser chip I retrieved. I hoped she would have answers for me.

Between Amari and the Freedom Trail
Well, it seems that Dr. Amari was better at hacking human brains, but for those robotic brains, I needed to meet with the Railroad. Huh, just like what we read in history. But back then, they were freeing slaves, and it was a righteous thing to do. Who are they freeing now? Synths? Why, do we need more of these in the Commonwealth. But I needed their help and I was not going to even start judging them.
There was a robot in the middle of Boston square talking about this Freedom trail, and it seems that all I needed to do was just to follow this trail. Easy.

On the Freedom Trail
Well, the trail is kind of easy to follow, but it was in the middle of conflict zones, so I had to kill whomever I saw on my way, and I was about to lose the trail a couple of times because of these fights on the way, but I managed to stay on that trail.
An interesting thing I found on the markers was letters and numbers. I don’t know if these will be useful in anyway, but I thought I was going to find out a great secret or something, but it just spelled the word RAILROAD. Well, I already know that one. I don’t know why they went to a lot of trouble scattering it like a secret password or something on those markers.
The trail ended in an abandoned church, Old North Church. I went inside and I know that only unholy things haunt once holy places. And I saw those ghouls as soon as I stepped inside. Ghouls are not the most difficult to kill, but still, they were the ones that I was afraid of the most in the Commonwealth. I killed bigger, stronger, and more frightening creatures, but I have never been frightened of anything more than ghouls.

The Riddle to Unlock the Door
So a lock and a riddle. Could it be that simple? I just dial in that password, RAILROAD, and the door would open? Well, all the letters I need are there. Maybe, that’s what those markers were all about.

Between the Freedom Trail and Back to Virgil
So I met with Desdemona and her Railroad members. They thought of me as a hero because I killed a courser, and they know very well how difficult that can be. So they helped me. I can’t say that I agree on what they’re doing, I mean why would they want to free synths; aren’t humans more important to save in this miserable place we live in? But again, who am I to judge? There was that crazy dude, Tinker Tom, who was able to crack the code of that courser chip, and after I got that information from him, I headed back to the Glowing Sea to see Virgil. He should have some answers for me by now.

Seeking the Help of My Minutemen
Well, Virgil did make those schematics that, I have to admit, I didn’t understand a thing about. There were two people I could think of to ask for help. I had Preston and Sturges back in Sanctuary Hills who may be able to help. They owe me that much.

Well, it seems that building those machines is not going to be the easiest thing ever, but after all I’ve been through, I know that I will make it happen, especially with Sturges’s help. I know I can make it. Shaun is getting closer and closer. I will see you soon my son.

Comprehension Check

Answer the questions based on your understanding of the Audio and Video podcast of Fallout 4 Episode 4: The Memories of an Assassin.

Why did Danny and Nick go to see Piper?

Since Kellogg is dead, how are they going to learn anything from his memories?

Which of the following was NOT part of Kellogg's memories?

What did Nick and Danny learn from Kellogg's memories?

Why did Danny need a Power Armor to go to the Glowing Sea?

What did Danny learn after meeting Virgil the first time?

Why did Danny have to track and kill a courser?

Which is true of the following statements.

How did Danny find the secret headquarters of the Railroad?

What did Desdemona want in return for hacking the courser chip?

How did Virgil help Danny the second time they met?

Who is going to help Danny build the machines needed to hack the Institute's signal?

Which creatures does Danny fear the most in the Commonwealth?

Which of these statements is correct?


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