Have an Edge – Transcript

This is your host, Danny, and this is expressions from English plus podcast. Today’s expression is have an edge. What does that mean? What does it mean to have an edge over somebody or something? Have you ever had an edge over somebody? Well, you don’t know what have an edge means, right? So let’s talk about have an edge in this expressions episode from English plus podcast. Well, the word edge on its own is a little bit different. When you say the edge of something that is the place or the line where it stops, or the part of it that is furthest from the middle. That’s what we call the edge ride. But to have an edge is a different story. If someone or something has an edge, they have an advantage that makes them stronger or more likely to be successful than other thing or person. We use that a lot when we want to talk about competition. Maybe when we want to talk about a game, say a football game, we say this team has an edge. Why? Because they have this player because they were rested for three days and this team blade just yesterday, whatever, whatever you think the advantage or the edge is when you want to talk about two fighters in a boxing match. For example, you might say that this spider has an edge because the spider is taller because the spider has more experience. It says Of course based on your opinion, you might be wrong, but when you want to talk about have an edge, if someone or something has an edge, that means they have an advantage that makes them stronger or more likely to be successful than other thing or person. So that is our expression. Another day another expression from English plus podcast. Don’t forget to support English plus on Patreon to help me go on and create more of the episodes you love. But that being said, thank you very much for listening to this episode. This is your host Danny I will see you next time.

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Danny Ballan


Danny is a podcaster, teacher, and writer. He worked in educational technology for over a decade. He creates daily podcasts, online courses, educational videos, educational games, and he also writes poetry, novels and music.

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