Better Late then Never


Understanding the Proverb: “Better Late Than Never”

The proverb “Better late than never” is a timeless piece of wisdom that encourages promptness, while also acknowledging the value of completing a task or making a decision, even if it’s delayed. This saying highlights the importance of taking action, regardless of timing, emphasizing that the result of an action is often more important than when it is undertaken. Its relevance to everyday life is profound, serving as a gentle reminder that while punctuality and timely decisions are ideal, the willingness to finish or participate, albeit late, is still valuable.

Importance and Relevance to Everyday Life

This proverb is particularly relevant in a world that moves at an incredibly fast pace. In personal development, it serves as encouragement for those who may feel they are behind in achieving life milestones. Whether it’s pursuing education, changing careers, or embracing new habits, “Better late than never” reassures individuals that starting is what truly matters, not the timing.

In professional settings, this saying can motivate teams to complete projects and meet deadlines. It underscores the importance of perseverance and continuing effort, even when initial timelines are missed. This can help maintain morale and focus on the end goal, rather than the setbacks along the way.

Appropriate Use with Examples

  • Education: A person returning to school later in life to finish a degree embodies this proverb. Despite the delay, the value of education remains undiminished.
  • Career Changes: Individuals switching careers, perhaps from a long tenure in one field to an entry-level position in another, demonstrate that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passions.
  • Health and Wellness: Starting a fitness or health journey later in life is another example. Improving one’s health is always beneficial, regardless of age.
  • Apologies and Making Amends: In relationships, apologizing for a mistake, even if the apology comes after a significant delay, is better than never apologizing at all.

Origin of the Proverb

The origin of “Better late than never” is not attributed to a single source but is found in various cultures and literatures, indicating its universal appeal and timeless wisdom. One of the earliest recorded uses is attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer, mentioned in “The Canterbury Tales” (circa 1386). This suggests that the understanding of time, action, and consequence has been a part of human reflection for centuries.


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