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Learn the words befall, bestow, confer, consolation, delegate, excessive, expulsion, forethought, maneuver, and retaliate in the context of a story about Prometheus and Epimetheus in this new Word Power episode from English Plus Podcast.

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Prometheus and Epimetheus

Zeus, the supreme ruler of the universe, with the aid of the giant Hercules and other gods, had rid the earth of the Titans and the Giants. The expulsion of these brutal creatures ensured that humans could now feel safe on Earth. The creation of humankind was at hand.

Zeus, grateful for Prometheus’s assistance in the war with the Titans, delegated the job of creating man to him and his brother Epimetheus. Prometheus was very wise and gave much forethought to this task. Epimetheus, on the other hand, was not especially wise and tended to act without thinking.

So it was little wonder that Epimetheus thoughtlessly gave all the best gifts to the animals. He made them strong, fast, brave, and clever. He also conferred upon the animals fur, feathers, and shells. As a result, no great gifts remained to bestow on humans. Without strength, bravery, cleverness, and a warm, protective coat, how could humans be protected from the animals?

Epimetheus sought out his brother Prometheus for help. Prometheus thought about the problem that Epimetheus had so recklessly caused and decided to grant man a splendid shape, allowing him to stand erect like the gods. Then he brought fire down from the heavens and gave it to man. Fire was a far superior defense than anything given to the animals.

Zeus felt that Prometheus had been excessively generous to man in giving him fire. In addition, Zeus was angered that Prometheus had arranged, by trickery, for man to get the best portion of sacrificed animals, while the gods got the worst parts. Zeus retaliated against this maneuver by creating Pandora, the first woman. She was beautiful, shy, and tempting to men and gods alike.

Zeus made a box for Pandora which held all the evils that could befall humans. In her curiosity, Pandora one day opened the box. Out came horrors that brought misery and calamity to humans. However, one good thing had been put in the box and was also released. That wondrous thing was Hope. Still today, hope remains humans’ consolation amidst all the sufferings they must endure.

Unlock the Meaning of The New Words

Choose the best answer:

Another word for expulsion in "The expulsion of these brutal creatures ensured that humans could now feel safe on Earth." is ____.

If you delegate a task, you ____.

Forethought means ____.

If you confer something upon someone, you ____.

To bestow is to ____.

If something is excessive, it is ____.

If you retaliate, you ____.

Which word could best replace maneuver in "Zeus retaliated against this maneuver by creating Pandora"?

Befall means ____.

Another word for consolation in "Still today, hope remains humans' consolation amidst all the sufferings they must endure." is _____.












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Apply The New Meaning

Which word best completes the sentences below?

Since Mom can't clean the whole house herself, she ______ chores to each of us.

Pretending to be in a hurry was just a ______ to get to the front of the line.

The worrisome businessman always feared that financial misfortune would ______ his company.

The general ______ a great honor upon the soldier by presenting her with a medal.

The player's aggressive play eventually caused his ______ from the game.

I gave no ______ to my decision and ended up making the wrong choice.

When the company cut its workers' vacation time, the employees ______ by going on strike.

Our only ______ agter losing the game was that we had played well.

The generous king ______ great riches upon his most loyal subjects.

I thought his loud complaints to the stone manager were ______ and completely unnecessary.

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