Choose the correct tense to complete the sentences.

Kristin is in the shower. She ______ her hair.

Kristin ______ her hair every other day or so.

Tony usually ______ in the front row during class.

Today Tony ______ in the last row.

Lars ______ the night shift on weekends.

Lars is not home now. He ______ a double shift.

After six days of rain, I'm glad that the sun ______.

Every morning, the sun ______ in my bedroom window and wakes me up.

Babies ______ very quickly. Newborn babies are very different from three-month olds.

Your baby ______ so fast. She isn't a newborn anymore!

Please be quiet. I ______ to concentrate on my math homework.

Each day, our math teacher ______ to explain the material clearly, but I am very confused.

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