Complete the sentences using could, couldn't or managed to. (Use managed to only when it is necessary)

My grandfather traveled a lot. He ______ speak five languages.

I looked everywhere for the book, but I ______ find it.

They didn't want to come with us at first, but we ______ persuade them.

Jessica had hurt her foot and ______ walk very well.

There was a small fire in the kitchen, but fortunately I ______ put it out.

The walls were thin and I ______ hear people talking in the next room.

I ran my first marathon recently. It was very hard, but I ______ finish.

My grandmother loved music. She ______ play the piano very well.

We wanted to go to the concert, but we ______ get tickets.

A girl fell into the river, but some people ______ pull her out. She's all right now.

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