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Learn how to pronounce the ae vowel sound as in at, fat and apple in this new pronunciation episode from English Plus Podcast.

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I am using an automatic transcript service as it is not possible for me to do it on my own and I cannot afford human transcription at the moment. The service claims to have about 95% accuracy, which means there will still be some mistakes, so my apologies for having a less than perfect transcript, but I hope I can afford human transcription soon and I will solve this problem. However, the service is pretty good, and the transcript is almost perfect.


Welcome to a new episode from English plus podcast. Today’s episode is about pronunciation and we will continue talking about vowel sounds. Today. We will talk about the ARR sound like in add fat and happy. Now, what are the possible pronunciation problems that might face us? If we please the app sound with all, for example, in this case, hat will sound like hot, which are two different words.

[00:00:39] And what problems might we have if we change the app sound with air in this case, bad. Will sound like bed. So it is important to know how to pronounce the ARR sound. And now to learn more about that, let’s see how we can pronounce the app sound. When it comes at the beginning of words, add gums at the beginning of words, like M and ask Apple after actor angry.

[00:01:16] Absent and animal. So that was at, at the beginning of words. How about app in the middle of words, we have an in the middle of words, in words like cat map have back happy, rapid black last. And classroom and the vowel app does not occur at the end of words in English. So now that we have seen how we can pronounce the app sound, in words, let’s take a look at some phrases where we can pronounce the app sound in context.

[00:02:05] Remember, it’s always a good idea if you repeat after me, so please do that to practice your pronunciation and make it better. And now let’s start with those phrases and small sentences last chance. Last chance I’ll be back. I’ll be back at a glance at a glance, wrap it up, wrap it up. Is that a fact, is that effect, hand me a bag of matches.

[00:02:42] Hand me a bag of matches. I have to catch a taxi cab. I have to catch a taxi cab. Ralph can’t stand carrots. Ralph can stand carrots. Al is a happily married man. Owl is a happily married man. He who laughs last laughs. Best. He who laughs last laughs best. And now let’s see how we can pronounce the app sound in a text.

[00:03:22] I will read the letter to you and you will see how we can pronounce the air sound in a bigger context. Dear dad at last Carol and I are in San Francisco. It’s an absolutely fabulous city. As we stand at the top of Telegraph Hill, we can see Alcatraz. We plan to catch a cable car and visit grant Avenue in Chinatown.

[00:03:54] After that we’ll grab a taxi cab to the Japanese gardens yesterday, we traveled to Napa Valley. We also pass through the national park. After San Diego, our last stop is Disney land in Los Angeles. California is a fantastic state. We have lots of photographs and packages for the family. We’ll be back Saturday afternoon, January the first love Gladys PS.

[00:04:31] We need cash. Please send us money as fast as you can. Of course the most important thing about the letter is the PS send us money as fast as you can. But again, this is how we pronounce ARR in context. I hope you found that useful. And I hope that you are repeating after me and you’re practicing your pronunciation of this important vowel sound.

[00:04:55] And of course, very commonly used vowel sound. Now, with that being said, let me remind you that you can take the link. You will find in the description and go to our website, English plus to find the show notes exercises, and more that we provide with every single episode we create. And if you like the content we’re creating, you can support us on patriarch.

[00:05:15] You will find a link to Patrion in the description as well, support English plus podcast on Patrion and help us create more of the content you love with that being said. Thank you very much for listening to another episode from English plus podcasts. This is your host, Danny. I will see you next time.

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