Heavy snow ______ the train for several hours.

I liked her. She gave me the ______ of being clever but modest, which is quite unusual.

After hours of walking across the desert they thought they saw an oasis, but they were wrong. There was nothing there; it was only a ______.

The soldiers ______ around the square in a perfect display of discipline, watched by the President and his foreign guests.

The boxer recovered, although he had been ______ for ten minutes after the fight. His doctor has told him to give up fighting.

Today's football match has been ______ because of bad weather. They will play next Thursday instead.

According to the weather ______, there will be more snow tomorrow.

The ______ of the ship now lied under 300 meters of water, and we shall probably never discover its secrets.

If workers and bosses cannot agree, they sometimes bring in professionals from outside to ______ in the dispute.

The very idea of my sister being a thief is quite ______! She is a qualified dentist, a mother of three and a governor of a primary school.

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