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May 29, 2023

I am a silent menace, spreading fear and dread,
Millions fell victim to me, as I swiftly spread.
A pandemic of darkness, a time of immense woe,
History remembers me as the Reaper’s cruel blow.

With letters and ink, I brought knowledge to life,
Boundless information, ending ignorance and strife.
A machine of words, revolutionizing the page,
Spreading wisdom and stories, in a printed age.

Once a mighty city, a jewel of the East,
Now fallen to invaders, its glory released.
Emperors wept as walls crumbled, proud and tall,
An empire’s demise, as that great city did fall.

Sailing uncharted waters, I sought a new domain,
To find a western passage, my ambition did sustain.
Across the vast ocean, I sailed with steadfast might,
Discovering a new world, bathed in golden light.

A monk’s discontent, a challenge to the Church’s might,
Nailing theses on the door, sparking a fiery fight.
Divisions arose, reforming faith, a revolutionary call,
The Church would never be the same, as the old walls did fall.

A king’s desire for change, his rule would decree,
A new church he established, breaking from Papal decree.
No longer bound to Rome, England found its way,
A restoration of faith, forever changing its sway.

(15th-17th centuries)
Setting sail with courage, braving the vast unknown,
Discovering new lands, like treasures to be shown.
Explorers dared to venture, across uncharted seas,
Unlocking new horizons, shaping history’s destinies.

A war that lasted long, with nations locked in strife,
Religious conflicts raging, claiming countless lives.
Power struggles and alliances, entangled in a fight,
Thirty years of turmoil, until peace emerged in sight.

(16th-17th centuries)
With keen minds ablaze, we sought truths untold,
Observation and experimentation, our methods bold.
From Copernicus to Newton, we unveiled nature’s ways,
A revolution of knowledge, illuminating brighter days.

(18th century)
Reason’s triumph over darkness, minds ablaze with thought,
Challenging old traditions, with ideas freely sought.
Individual rights, liberty, and progress in their wake,
An era of illumination, humanity’s intellect at stake.

In thirteen colonies, a fire of freedom did ignite,
No longer subjects, they rose up to fight.
A revolution fought, against a distant crown,
All united emerged, a new nation renowned.

Storming the Bastille, the people’s fervor stirred,
Liberty, equality, and fraternity, their rallying word.
Monarchy’s downfall, a reign of terror ensued,
Revolution’s red tide, forever altering the view.

(18th-19th centuries)
From hand to machine, a transformation profound,
Factories and railways, a world newly unbound.
Mass production and progress, in the smoke-filled air,
The mechanized uprising, a new era to bear.

Slaves united in revolt, their chains shattered and torn,
Against oppressors they rose, their freedom reborn.
Toussaint L’Ouverture’s vision, a nation finally free,
Their brave revolution, a triumph for all to see.

With grand ambitions, an emperor’s might unfurled,
Conquering lands far and wide, his empire would whirl.
From Moscow to Waterloo, victories and defeats,
The short man’s reign, a saga history still repeats.

North versus South, a nation torn apart,
States’ rights and slavery, ignited a fiery start.
Brother against brother, on fields of blood they tread,
A nation reunited, after battles were finally shed.

From the land of the rising sun, a phoenix did ascend,
A nation transformed, traditions to amend.
Samurais relinquished power, embracing the modern tide,
An emperor’s Restoration, Japan’s rebirth with pride.

A global conflict, nations locked in strife,
Trenches and warfare, engulfing countless lives.
From Sarajevo to the Treaty of Versailles’ claim,
This war’s aftermath, a world forever changed.

From the ashes of an empire, a revolution’s call,
Bolsheviks rising, as the old order would fall.
Lenin and the proletariat, seizing power anew,
The red Revolution, a communist dream pursued.

A stock market’s collapse, prosperity’s tragic fall,
Unemployment and poverty, the world’s bitter thrall.
Breadlines and despair, hopes dashed in the gloom,
With its tight stingy grip, a world entwined in doom.

From Europe to the Pacific, a war raged worldwide,
Totalitarian regimes, in a deadly tide.
Holocaust’s horrors, and the atomic blast’s might,
This war’s impact, still etched in history’s light.

A global standoff, in shadows it did play,
Capitalism and communism, locked in a relentless fray.
Proxy wars and nuclear fears, a tension’s lasting chill,
This war’s legacy, a world balanced on a brink still.

(mid-20th century)
Shackles finally shattered, freedom’s long-awaited cry,
Colonies gaining independence, soaring spirits reaching high.
Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, rising nations breaking free,
Those nations’ triumph and pride, a new world for all to see.

Marching for equality, injustice to confront,
From Rosa Parks’ courage to Martin Luther King’s blunt.
Freedom riders and sit-ins, a nonviolent fight,
It’s not just a movement, it’s shining a beacon of light.

In the Caribbean’s warmth, a crisis took hold,
Nuclear tensions escalating, a world on a precipice bold.
Kennedy and Khrushchev, a standoff near the shore,
The world at the edge of their seats, a close call of war.

A concrete barrier, dividing East and West,
Torn down by the people, in history’s behest.
East and West reunited, as the barriers did fall,
The repulsive wall’s demise, a freedom’s triumphant call.

Segregation’s chains shattered, equality’s path unfurled,
Nelson Mandela’s victory, a nation’s story unfurled.
From discrimination’s grasp, a rainbow nation did rise,
Dark times end, South Africa’s hope reaching the skies.

A morning of terror, a nation forever changed,
Twin towers crumbling, a sight so deranged.
Innocence shattered, as the world watched in pain,
The terrorist attacks, an unforgettable stain.

From Tunis to Cairo, a wind of change did blow,
Protests and uprisings, against tyranny’s cruel flow.
Dictators toppled, hopes for democracy in the air,
Their season of life, a region’s destiny to share.

A silent enemy, unseen yet so near,
Lockdowns and masks, a world living in fear.
It spread like fire, its deathly grip did extend,
Started a long war, a wound yet to mend.

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