What Are They Like?

Quizzes Vocabulary 01

Choose the best word to describe the people below.

Andrew can never make up his mind about anything. Just don't offer him a choice!
Carlos is not rich, but he always bus us drinks.
Claudia has never been late for a class — not once in seven months.
I can't believe that guy Klaus. One day he just walked out of the class and went to Peru.
Jana doesn't seem to worry about anything. I wish I was more like her!
Millie tries to dominate the class. She really pushes everyone around.
Poor Sandra! Recently she left her laptop computer at a bus stop.
Ruth is very sweet, but she never speaks unless you speak to her first.
When the teacher asks questions, Naseem always has a funny answer.
You can always depend on Ashok.
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November 1, 2021

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