In, on, or for to Talk about Your Job?

Dec 31, 2021

Complete each of the following sentences with in, on or for. There are two possible answers for one of the sentences. You can then make similar sentences about yourself and your job.

Olga Blanc is ______ computers.

She has been working ______ a big computer company for five years.

She is based ______ Paris.

She works ______ the external communications department.

At the moment she is working ______ the design of the company's website.

She is responsible ______ the development of an important part of the site.

She is very interested ______ website design.

She depends ______ the web and on personal contacts for new ideas.

She spends one or two hours every day on the Web getting information ______ all the latest developments.

She is happy because there is a big demand ______ good website designers at the moment.

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