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I need twenty pounds to (tide me over) until the end of the month.

It was getting late so I decided to (turn in)

They had a quarrel one evening, but they (patched things up) next morning.

She had such a bad cold that I was not surprised she (dozed off) in the middle of the afternoon.

Don't buy the first thing you see; (shop around) a bit.

Anne wanted to go to the ball, and poor old Andy had to (cough up) two hundred dollars for the tickets.

Bill had to (dip into) his savings account to pay for his holiday.

The whole group were going on a picnic, and they said that I could (tag along) if I wanted.

My father (ticked me off) because I used his electric razor.

My speech started well but I (dried up) after a few minutes.

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February 23, 2022

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