Welcome to your English Quizzes - Anagrams 1

Your knowledge of computer spreadsheets will be a bid (seats) ______ in this job.

So, your relationship is going through a difficult period? Perhaps (bedroom) ______ is the problem, and you both need change and development.

They (design) ______ the contract, so it's a bit late to change their minds now.

The trouble is that you often (laid) ______ the wrong number.

Do I detect a (thin) ______ of jealousy in your tone?

He was a man of very strong (ladies) ______, but sadly he often failed to live up to them.

Now I know that you (idle) ______ about everything. I feel used and deceived. I hate you.

She remained interested in politics. After she became blind, she read everything in (liberal) ______ she could lay her hands on.

Which would you prefer — the scenic (outer) ______, or the more direct one taking the inner ring-road?

She wore a pretty cotton trouser suit, pale yellow with thing black (priests) ______.

He was angry that we failed to discuss the wide (anger) ______ of issues that he had raised in his report.

I want to study (remain) ______ biology at university, because I love the sea.

It's sort of theme restaurant. There's poetry on the walls, and the menu is written in (severe) ______.

This analysis shows up (reveals) ______ problems with our accounting system which will have to be sorted out.

Claudia (spider) ______ herself on her ability to handle insects and other creepy-crawlies without any fear whatsoever.

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