History Plus | Ancient Greece Tours 1 | The Acropolis


Join me in this historic tour of Ancient Greece using Assassin’s Creed The Odyssey to create a magnificent view of the Acropolis back in its glorious days. Learn about the history of ancient Greece  both in audio and video and check your understanding at the end of the episode.

Audio Podcast

Video Podcast

Comprehension Check

Choose the best answer to check your understanding of the tour. You may need to watch the video to be able to answer some questions.

What is the major mythical significance of the location of the Acropolis.

What is the meaning of Athena Nike?

Which of the following were NOT involved in the building of the Acropolis?

Which Athenian leader to whom goes the most credit of building the Akropolis?

What is the meaning of Athena Promachos?

Which is NOT true about priest houses in the Acropolis?

Who were the Arrhephoroi?

According to Herodotus and Pausanias, what happened to the Olive Tree of Athena in 480 BCE?

Which of the following CANNOT be found in the Erectheion temple?

How many cattle was sacrificed in the Panathenaia festival's hecatomb?

Which of the following is the most important structure on the Acropolis?

Who made the great statue of Athena inside the Parthenon?

Why was there a pool inside the Parthenon?

What was the Delian League?

Who is Aspasia, the tour guide in the video?

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