Being a Writer by Phoenix

We do not dwell in those tiny cells
If words are drops and lines
Are waves upon waves
In a sea that never ends.

To suffocate and smile
Not at the hand that chokes
But the one those chains breaks
Digging and finding life
In long dried up wells.

Life is not found in boisterous feasts
But a tiny drop that gathers and heats
And finally drops on your forehead
Of a world to the world it tells.

A dry spell followed by dry spells
Life is there waiting for the one
Who ventures deep beyond the shores
For those precious little pearls
Lie deep for the one who seeks
The one who goes and never returns
The one who never gives up the search
The one who finds it in the end
Not in those tiny cells
But in waves upon waves
A contract for life he signs
In a sea that never ends.

Unraveling the Depths of “Being a Writer”

The poem “Being a Writer” offers a compelling meditation on the creative process and what drives those who pursue the path of artistic expression. Though its author is unnamed, the words themselves carry a profound resonance that invites readers to contemplate their own understanding of the writer’s journey.

Key Themes

  • Confinement vs. Boundlessness: The poem contrasts the “tiny cells” of constraint with the “sea that never ends.” This could represent the struggle between creative limitation and the vast potential of imagination.
  • Struggle and Transformation: Images like the “hand that chokes” and “dried up wells” convey internal battles. But there’s also the promise of breaking these chains and finding “life.”
  • The Search for Meaning: The repeated lines about going beyond, seeking pearls, and never returning emphasize the relentless pursuit of deeper truth and inspiration.

Metaphorical Elements

The poem is rich in evocative metaphors:

  • Water Imagery: The sea, drops, and wells symbolize the depths of emotion and ideas from which a writer draws.
  • Precious Pearls: These represent those elusive moments of insight and creative breakthroughs, found only through dedicated searching.
  • The Contract: The poem ends with the image of commitment – a writer’s endless journey fueled by the pursuit of these pearls.

Open to Interpretation

One of the strengths of “Being a Writer” is that it speaks to the experience of creators in all fields. Here are some thought-provoking questions to consider:

  • Does the poem resonate with your own creative experiences or those of an artist you admire?
  • What do you think are the “tiny cells” that might hold writers back?
  • What might be your unique “pearls” that you relentlessly search for?

The Power of Artistic Expression

“Being a Writer” reminds us that the path of the artist is rarely easy. It’s a journey marked by internal battles, the quest for profound truth, and the enduring drive to create something meaningful, even when it feels elusive.

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