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Advice vs. Advise: Untangling the Confusion

“Advice” and “advise” are like a pair of mischievous twins – they look almost identical, but their personalities are completely different. Mixing them up in your writing can lead to some awkward misunderstandings, so let’s put an end to the confusion!

Advice: The Opinion You Offer

“Advice” is a noun. Think of it as a tangible recommendation or a piece of guidance. When you share your insights or offer a helpful opinion, you’re giving advice.

Here are some examples:

  • “My financial advisor gave me excellent advice on investing.”
  • “Seeking advice from a therapist can be incredibly beneficial.”
  • “My parents are always ready to offer their unsolicited advice.”

Advise: The Action of Guidance

“Advise” is a verb, meaning it’s an action you take. When you guide someone, offer suggestions, or recommend a course of action, you’re advising them.

Check out these examples:

  • “I would advise you to take the scenic route; the traffic is terrible on the highway.”
  • “The lawyer advised her client to sign the contract.”
  • “Teachers often advise students on their career paths.”

Quick Tip: Sound it Out

An easy way to remember the difference is the pronunciation. “Advice” has an “s” sound, while “advise” has a “z” sound.

The Grammar Takeaway

The key distinction is that “advice” is a noun (a thing), while “advise” is a verb (an action). Once you understand this, choosing the right word will become second nature.

Now that you’re a pro at differentiating between “advice” and “advise,” you can write with confidence and avoid those pesky grammatical slip-ups!


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