What is 100 Events That Changed the History of the World Audio Series?

In 100 Events That Changed the World Series, we will learn about some of the most important events that affected history from discovering fire to WWII and beyond.

100 Events That Changed the World

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List of Events in The Series

Here’s a list of the 100 events included in this audio series:

  1. Man Discovers the Use of Fire
  2. The Emergence of the Wise Man
  3. Invention of the Bow and Arrow
  4. The Birth of Agriculture
  5. Catal Huyuk The First City
  6. Man Makes the Round Wheel
  7. The Legendary Pyramids at Giza
  8. The Code of Hammurabi
  9. Creation of the First Alphabet
  10. An Age Forged in Iron
  11. The First Civilization in Mesoamerica
  12. The Emergence of the Greek Culture
  13. The First Use of Coins
  14. The Canonization of Torah
  15. The Tiger of Qin Unifies China
  16. Invention of Concrete Revolutionizes Engineering
  17. Connecting East and West Along the Silk Road
  18. The Roman Empire is Born
  19. The Foundation of Christianity
  20. White Horse Temple is Built
  21. Modern Medicine and the Hippocratic Oath
  22. Augustine and His Just War Theory
  23. Mathematicians Think up Zero
  24. Boethius Devises Musical Scales
  25. The Foundation of Islam
  26. Charlemagne Father of Europe
  27. Harnessing Horses Strengthens Feudalism
  28. The Fall of The Maya Empire
  29. The Search for America
  30. An Amazing Literary Year
  31. The Building of Angkor Wat
  32. Marco Polo Links Asia and Europe
  33. The Black Death
  34. The Beginning of Modern Printing
  35. The Mona Lisa and the Renaissance
  36. Slavery Arrives in the New World
  37. Potatoes and the Columbian Exchange
  38. Martin Luther Launches Reformation
  39. Copernicus and The Heliocentric Solar System
  40. Discovery of Pulmonary Circulation
  41. Mercator’s Projections Revolutionizes Navigation
  42. The English Renaissance and the Bard
  43. Counter Reformation and Rembrandt
  44. Tea Arrives in Europe
  45. The Royal Roots of Opera and Ballet
  46. The New Translation of the Bible
  47. The Taj Mahal
  48. Galileo on Trial
  49. Tasman Explores the Great South Land
  50. Newton Publishes His Principia
  51. Steam Engine and the Industrial Revolution
  52. Chronometer Brings Safety to the High Seas
  53. Old and New World Burst into Revolution
  54. Russian Decembrists Threaten Tsarist Power
  55. Cherokee Nation Suffers on Trail of Tears
  56. Marx and Engels Spread Communism
  57. Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
  58. The World’s Bloodiest Civil War
  59. American Molds the First Plastic
  60. Alexander Graham Bell Patents the Telephone
  61. Women Get the Vote
  62. Athens Holds the First Modern Olympics
  63. Freud Jung and the Unconscious
  64. Flight of Kitty Hawk Launches Aviation
  65. Earthquake Advances Seismology
  66. Archduke’s Assassination Sparks World War I
  67. Einstein Attempts to Create the Theory of Everything
  68. Balfour Declaration Creates Jewish Homeland
  69. The Invention of Television
  70. Energy Boom Begins with Iraqi Oil Strike
  71. The Discovery of the Wonder Drug
  72. Roosevelt’s New Deal Helps the Great Depression
  73. Mao Takes Over the Communist Party
  74. World War II Claims More than 50 Million Lives
  75. The United Nations is Born
  76. Nonviolent Gandhi is Assassinated
  77. Sputnik Ignites the Space Race
  78. Genetic Research Unleashed
  79. Elvis Becomes King of Rock and Roll
  80. Ray Crock Open First Fast-Food Joint
  81. Dalai Lama Goes into Exile
  82. The Cold War and the Berlin Wall
  83. Kennedy Assassination Starts Civil Unrest
  84. Apartheid Protestor Enters Prison
  85. First Heart Transplant Success
  86. ATM Leads to a New Way of Banking
  87. Iranian Shah Throws a Bash for Ancient Monarchy
  88. Pong Inventor Launches Video Game Craze
  89. The Horror of Cambodia’s Killing Fields
  90. The PC Revolution
  91. The Birth of 24-Hour News
  92. AIDS Becomes a Globally Feared Disease
  93. The Soviet Union Comes to An End
  94. The World Wide Web
  95. 9/11 War on Terror
  96. The Birth of Social Media
  97. Katrina Destruction Points to Climate Change
  98. The Great Recession
  99. Humble Jesuit Elected Pope
  100. Nobel Prize Awarded for Youth Advocacy
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